Suzuki Swish Update Launched Silently

While Honda bestowed a well deserved upgrade to the beloved Activa by implanting in it a new 125 cc engine recently, Suzuki has doled out some serious updates to its own 125 cc Swish to0. The bigger engine on the Activa took care of the only -if it may be called that- weakness that the experienced scooter had; the upgraded exteriors made it the complete package and has made it a big contender in the 125-cc scooter sgement. With so much happening with Honda Activa, its Japanese counterpart Suzuki though it would be good to launch the Suzuki Swish update in the market too. They have gone down the quieter path though, the launch happening without much fanfare.




The Upgrades:

Mechanically the Suzuki Swish remain the same, it has the same 124-cc engine producing 8.58 BHP at 7000 rpm and 9.8 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm. The engine is paired up with a CVT gearbox giving a fuel economy of 57 KMPL. Suspension is are still managed by telescopic front forks and swing arm type and coil spring set up at the rear. The braking in the Swish is provided by 120 mm drum brakes at front and rear.

The changes made to the Suzuki Swish update are be as follows:

  • Revised instrument cluster.
  • New body graphics.
  • 5 new colour panels (black, red,silver,white,blue)

Yes, that is it. The above mentioned are the only changes that you can observe on the new Swish. To be fair, the instrument cluster is a big improvement than the previous model, but apart from that the changes made seem irrelevant. It seems to be a wise plan of action considering that the ‘Activa’ is slightly superior when it comes to Power (8.6 BHP) and fuel economy (59 kmpl).


Our take:

With a price of Rs. 57,271 for the Suzuki Swish as compared to the Rs 62,276 for the starting price of an Activa 125, coupled up with a more vibrant colour panel and graphics to chose from offering very similar specs, the Suzuki Swish should be appealing to the younger or first time buyers. An established Japanese favourite vs the new Japanese kid on block. David and Goliath anyone ?

Does the Upgraded Suzuki Swish look a worthy competitor to the Activa 125 ? Share your thoughts and views through the comment section below.