Tata Altroz Turns Turtle on Hitting Divider, Insurance Co. Denies Claim

You must have encountered a lot of people who face issues while claiming insurance after an accident and this is yet another such case.

An insurance company denies a claim to a Tata Altroz owner after the hatchback suffered a total loss. Altroz is the safest premium hatchback in our market and boasts a full 5-star safety rating at the GNCAP. In real-world scenarios, it has performed according to its safety rating and saved numerous lives. This time around, the case is similar but the owner is facing issues with claiming the insurance after a crash. Here are the details of this unfortunate incident.

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Insurance Company Denies Claim To Altroz Owner

The YouTuber interviews the owner of the car. He explains the turn of events that has led to this moment where he has to go to social media platforms to express his predicament. His brother-in-law was driving the vehicle when he hit a divider and the car toppled over. The owner mentions that it happened due to an animal coming gon to the road suddenly. In order to save the animal, the Altroz hit the divider and got severely damaged. He reached the spot almost 2 hours later due to him attending to his pregnant wife. After having completed all the formalities, the surveyor visited and analysed the damage to the car without informing the owner. This in itself is quite bizarre.

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The owner and the surveyor had a bit of an argument over it. But the insurance company, New India Insurance, agreed to pay Rs 4.76 lakh as a claim for this damage. However, the IDV value of the car was well over Rs 7 lakh. That is why the owner rejected this offer. The surveyor also tempered with the IDV value, as stated by the owner. Finally, after months, the insurance company announced ‘no claim’ for this case to the owner and asked him to go to court to get his claim. A lot of high management officials from Tata Motors and New Indian Insurance were involved in this by then.

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tata altroz insurance claim denied
Owner of Tata Altroz alleges unfair rejection of insurance claim by New India Assurance.

The owner is now stuck with his damaged car that has been parked for 5 months due to these complications. The insurance officials are not worried about their job because of it being a government company. They had mentioned this to the owner as well. It is shocking to see that the company offered the claim to the owner and after the owner refused to settle for it, they decided that it was a ‘no-claim’ case. We must raise our voices against such exploitation of the general public by government companies who think that could get away with everything.

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