Tata Launches Range Rover & Discovery SUV Armoured Models – Price


Safety has always been the primary concern of most of the big shots as sometimes they are likely to face some kinds of trouble. Whether its the President of India or the Prime Minister, apart from the squad of policemen that these people are surrounded with, other safety measures are also kept in mind.

The most common of them all is an armoured or bullet proof vehicle that these big shots travel in. A few international brands offer armoured models of their cars while the the rest of them are modified by respective agencies specialized in doing so.


Latest buzz in the world of Armoured vehicles is that Tata owned Jaguar and Land Rover, also known as JLR has launched armoured models of SUVs Range Rover and Land Rover Discovery. These extremely safe cars will certainly be considered by buyers who are on a look out for the same.

Tata Motors Head, Premier Car Division Rohit Suri told reporters,” The armoured vehicles market is a very niche segment and we don’t want to leave it out. We are launching these vehicles in India so that we have the complete range of offering here,”

“We have just started exploring the market, we know there is some potential but it will be too premature to put a number on how many armoured vehicles we intend to sell in India,” Suri added.

The company is also gearing up for launching Jaguar XJ armoured sedan variant soon so as to complete the line up for such offerings.

Price Of Jaguar & Land Rover Armoured Cars

  • Armoured Range Rover :                     4.75 Crores
  • Armoured Land Rover Discovery :       3.75 Crores
  • Armoured Jaguar XJ :                          5.5 Crores