Tata Motors Full Throttle Experience– Special Expedition Series For Tata SUV/MUV Owners


Motorsports is thrill and excitement which attracts adrenalin loving adventure-enthusiasts towards it. Many SUV or MUV buyers buy their powerful rugged machines for their capabilities but may not use them to their true capabilities. Tata Motors has launched an exclusive Driving Expedition Series called the “Tata Motors Full Throttle Experience” starting June 2012 which will give chance to Tata Sports Utility and other Utility vehicle owners to experience the capabilities of their powerful vehicles on these challenging and thrilling terrains like Himalayas, Konkan, Nilgiri etc.

The expedition series has been announced in Mumbai on 26th April 2012 and is launched by the Motor Sports division of Tata Motors known as Tata Motors Full Throttle. The expeditions will be exclusive to Tata vehicle owners like we see in Royal Enfield official Tours etc. to promote the brand loyalty among owners and help gain buyers for their products in future by making it a community activity.

Tata Motors Full Throttle Experience covers various diverse terrains of Indian in its 6 expeditions which will be- the Himalayan Experience in June 2012, the Konkan Experience in September 2012, the Jungle Experience in March 2013, the Thar Experience in December 2012, the Kutch Experience in January 2013 and the Nilgiri Experience in September 2012. Tata Motors has collaborated with Cougar Motorsport as the program partner for conducting these expeditions. Tata Motors will provide all logistical, medical and service support for Tata Motors Full Throttle Experience.

Tata Motors Full Throttle Experience

image – Tata Motors Full Throttle Experience

The first of these expedition, the Himalayan Experience will start from New Delhi on June 22 and will span about 3000 Km in 10 days across 5 states and numerous mountains, lakes and passes of Himalaya region. The expedition will conclude at Srinagar on July 1st 2012 which is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir and is very well known for its natural beauty across the world. The Himalayan Experience expedition is expected to see 25 vehicles of Tata Motors participating in the event. If you are a Tata SUV or MUV owner, you want to be a part of it, you can drop and email to them at experiences@tatamotorsfullthrottle.com or check their official Tata Motors Full Throttle website here. Check our some more Motor Sports News here.

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