Tata & Jaguar Land Rover To Develop Engines In Collaboration


Tata after successfully taking over Jaguar and Land Rover, is planning to co-develop engines with the same. Acting as one body, they will use the best of two firms i.e. Tata Motors and JLR, to develop engines and Ratan Tata, Chairman, Tata Motors , has confirmed the news concerned with this integration.

For the collaborative effort to sustain, the companies will set up manufacturing facilities in both India and UK. JLR and Tata have been extensively researching for a while, to develop future products including cars, off-road vehicles and commercial vehicles. The research focuses on developing the above vehicles and to power them by conventional and alternative fuels, and also produce electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles to meet future requirements like fuel efficiency and low emissions.


The jointly produced engines will power Tata’s high end products and the entry level vehicles from JLR. Experts say that the new engine to be developed will have a four cylinder design with displacements around or less than 2 Litres. In the coming months, JLR will soon start building a new plant in UK and the engine development facility, supposed to be set up in India, will be a carbon copy of the above.

JLR’s spokesperson Paul Chadderton said,

“Jaguar Land Rover has ambitious plans for growth and there are many matters related to that.” 

We believe the current investment for the new plant will be around 400 to 450 million pounds and once the facility becomes operational, JLR will expectedly stop sourcing smaller engine from Ford and will only rely for above 2.0 Litre capacity engine.

The Indian plant will have a capacity of around 5 Lakh units and the building will only be initiated once the UK plant becomes operational.


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