Tata Nano Art In Motion- An Exclusive Nano

These day’s companies do loads of events in order to promote or showcase their products. We all have noticed that the marketing strategies have changed these days and for promoting the vehicles auto makers are going to a large extent. The new avatar is known as the  Tata Nano art in motion series. This is an Initiative to give the Nano an extension. The Initiative is to express the art and culture, creativity, expression and moreover the individual presence.

Nano Art in Motion

Making the mini winder Nano a canvas for life and inspire different art enthusiasts is the key philosophy or theme of the Initiative. The initiative also emphasizes the beauty of art and the power of individual expression. We predictably think that this is how the car maker wants to make aware the people of India that how Nano is an individual identity to its owners and expresses the art of the manufacturer.

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The Nano art in motion series is showcasing some of the greatest art pieces in New Delhi at Youth Nexus. This is a talent show which is announced in 40 colleges and all the 40 colleges have participated in it. The theme is categorized in four different areas such are Street Play, Fashion, Choreography, and a Rock band competition. The chosen theme for this third official fest is named as (Saddi Dilli) Our Delhi. The painters have painted out there emotions from heart and mind on the Nano, making its body as a canvas for expressions. The participating students have questioned on the modern, colloquial interpretations of road signs in Delhi. Out of one thousand entries 11 entries got shortlisted.

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The painters group known as ‘The Doodlers’ from Mumbai got the Nano for panting and the group capture the busy and unique vibrancy of Delhi. The modern era artists have showcased the culture, monuments and many more from entire Delhi. The third series of Nano: Art-in-Motion endeavor to empower youth artists and creative minds to use the Tata Nano as an outlet for their creativity.