Tata Nano Cash Discount Worth Rs. 20,000 On LX And CX, Rs. 15,000 On Standard


After a pretty long while we have heard something regarding Tata Nano. The company is offering a price discount of Rs. 20,000 on Nano LX and Nano CX while it offers Rs. 15,000 discount on the Nano standard. As the festive season is about to commence, companies have started planning discount schemes on their cars, but Tata is not offering this discount because of the festive season.

Sales is the main factor that led Tata to adopt this price cut strategy. With the commencement of the year 2011 the sales of Nano were on the seventh sky with reported 10,012 units sold in the first quarter. With the starting of the second quarter the sales started to drop and reached 6515 units by the end of it. In July sales drastically dropped and only 260 units were sold.


R Ramakrishnan, Vice-President, passenger car business unit was quoted as saying, ”We are still at the early stages of understanding the market. We are going through a learning curve and are trying a lot of different things in marketing activities, like selling the car through Big Bazaar outlets,”

The Nano did not prove itself as reliable as it was expected and beside those couple of fire accident reported in the past, the car made people face a couple of other problems also. I think the discount is placed for a short while so that the company recovers the lost sales pace and it might remove the discount soon.

Tata Nano Variant Price Change Is As Follows:

  • Tata Nano Standard
    • Previous Price : Rs. 1.74 lakh
    • Price After Discount : Rs. 1.59 lakh (Rs. 15,000 off)
  • Tata Nano CX
    • Previous Price : Rs. 2.06 lakh
    • Price After Discount : Rs. 1.86 lakh (Rs. 20,000 off)
  • Tata Nano LX
    • Previous Price : Rs. 2.36 lakh
    • Price After Discount : Rs. 2.16 lakh (Rs. 20,000 off)