Tata Nano Export From India Started


Tata Nano has given a lot to its manufacturing company Tata and all its buyers. And now it goes one step ahead to bring more sales to the company. Tata has begun the export of the very special Nano to the markets located in other countries.

To start with the company has sent 498 units to some of the global markets and the details for the same are yet to be revealed. So very soon we will come to know about the markets and with possible success of the car more units will be sent soon.


Regarding the same a spokesperson from Tata said, “We will make an announcement regarding exports of Nano very shortly,” He added, “For various reasons, we need to send out the cars. If we want to market and sell a car tomorrow, then it cannot be started immediately tomorrow,”

Some of the expected markets include South America, South-East Asia and Africa. Besides these Nepal is also said to be in Tata’s mind but considering the 300 percent excise duty impose by the country’s government, the company will have work out ways to keep the car’s cost as low as possible.

In spite of the rising input costs and inflation the company has recorded slight growth in sales of the car and expects to recover it more in the months to come.