Tata Nano To Reach Sri Lanka In June 2011


Tata Nano is going places lately, Tata Motors India will start shipping Tata Nano to Sri Lanka starting June 2011. The initial batch will be of 500 cars with 200 cars to be exported every month after that. Tata Nano is now a popular car world over because of its price tag. Tata Nano will gradually be exported to more Asian markets where small cars are popular. The process of exports takes time because most of the cars need modifications as per the destination countries automobile safety rules and guidelines.

tata nano Sanad

Exports will also help Tata to increase the overall sales of Tata and help Nano to make its place in the hearts of more and more people around the world. The prices of Tata Nano for Sri-Lanka have not been announced as yet.

source- AutocarIndia

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