Tata Nano Enter Now Available In Nepal For 7.98 Lakhs NPR


Tata Nano a.k.a the common man’s car was always seen as a good car for exporting and Tata never denied the fact that they would not consider shipping this car to other global markets. The nearest market for the Nano was seen to be of Nepal and a day back the manufacturer finally launched the Nano in the Nepal market.

The car is already busy replacing three wheelers in Sri Lanka and now it is expected to become a hit in Nepal as well. Through a nationwide network of 14 outlets of the company’s distributor Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd, the company claims to attract most of the new buyers.


As expected the attributes such as good maneuverability and excellent in-city performance will throw this car to the top of the wish list of buyers in Nepal. The booking strategy is exactly similar to what they had adopted in India with the first phase, open from yesterday for a duration of 10 days. The initial booking amount for standard Nano is NPR 10,000(1 Nepalese rupee = 0.62 Indian rupee), NPR 20,000 for Nano CX and NPR 30,000 for Nano LX.

In order to make the car popular well ahead of its launch and make the people familiar, the company commenced a nation wide yatra from 1st of June. Presently the yatra has already covered 6000km and will pass through a total of 15 landmarks.This marketing strategy might work for the brand as people would feel much closer to the car and will get to know it well before buying the same.

Tata Nano Small Car Price In Nepal

The car is available for NPR 7.98 lakhs (1 Nepalese rupee = 0.62 Indian rupee)

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