Tata Nano To Replace Auto Rickshaws In Some States


Tata has imparted a lot to the Indian automobile industry and is still doing the same and its contribution cannot be neglected.Alike the Marutis, this Indian brand has really made us proud and helped the country attain a position which could not have been possible otherwise.

So far the most important achievement for the Tatas was the world’s cheapest car Tata Nano whose sales are gaining pace lately.The car is giving tough competition to other car manufacturers forcing them to produce similar ultra low cost vehicles which are not only affordable but economical as well.


Currently the buzz around the brand is that the Karnataka government is seriously considering a proposal where it is interested in buying Nanos and replacing them with the auto-rickshaws within the state.To be honest the idea seems to be very cost effective and luxurious enough to draw attention and eventually is aimed at convenient travelling.

Mr.R.Ashok, Transport Minister of Karnataka has said, “The government is considering a decision to buy 10,000 Nano cars and rent them out in Bengaluru and the profit from this scheme will be shared between the government and the drivers at 40:60 ratio respectively. The government may invest money for buying the Nano’s either from its own resources or take loans for the same”

Revealing the main motive behind this new idea, he quoted,”The difference in the cost between a Nano and a regular auto rickshaw is not much and meanwhile the government continues to receive complaints about auto drivers and also the number of auto rickshaws in the city is insufficient compared to the population”

We are content to hear such fresh ideas since once the Nano gets introduced as auto rickshaws in Bengaluru,the rest of the states will not lag behind in acquiring the same sort of makeover.