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Tata Nano Turbocharged Diesel Engine Details Leaked- 41PS Power

The diesel version of Tata Nano is being expected to launch in 2014 and it is being expected that this new makeover will bring back the lost glory of the cheapest car in India. This car will be sporting a turbocharged diesel power source while its turbo charger will be imported from Garrett. Garrett is a much known turbo maker and is now a part of Honeywell group. This Garrett turbo charger will be working in co-ordination with an 800cc 2 cylinder diesel power mill. The engine is already available for sales as a Tata product with a name Tata Ace DICOR. This turbo diesel power source that will get common rail direst injection will be tuned at a higher level in the  Tata Nano Diesel. This engine will bear a capacity to generate power worth 41 PS for 4, 000 RPM against a maximum torque worth 60 Nm.

tata nano diesel engine specifications leaked

These power number would provide Nano with more than required pep. But the fact that is to be noticed here is, that the Tata Ace DICOR that is being offered for sale is devoid of a turbo charger. This infers that in absence of Turbo charger, the same engine would generate power worth 21 PS against a torque of 55 Nm.. The power and torque output of the same engine would double when it will work in association with a turbo charger. One can expect this diesel engine to deliver mileage worth 30 kmpl when in-fitted in Tata Nano diesel. This will make Nano the most fuel efficient car of India. With this feature, we can expect that the new Nano will be prices higher than its previous petrol version by Rs.50, 000. But alike its petrol version, we can assume that this diesel version will also be the cheapest diesel car in the world. It is not the first time that such details of Nano engine have come out, some such details have also leaked previously as well.