Tata Nexon XZ+ Top Model Problems Detailed on Tape By Owner

A video posted on YouTube shows the Tata Nexon owner stating the issues with the service, IRA-connected car tech and sunroof among other things. This is not the first time that a Tata owner is complaining about the services and features in a car. As a matter of fact, a lot of potential customers have to think twice before buying a Tata product just because of many complaints related to the service. It is worth mentioning here that the customer is satisfied with the overall performance of the compact SUV.

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With regards to the mechanics of the SUV or features like Hill-Hold Assist, he has not faced any problems. That is why he suggests that one can opt for the car in reference to the car’s characteristics. Many problems arise just because of the unprofessional service offered at the dealerships. Let us look in detail at what problems does he face.

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Tata Nexon Service, IRA, Sunroof Issues

It is rather ridiculous that the owner has paid extra money for the top model (XZ+) for the IRA-connected car tech and this feature doesn’t work. IRA not working means a ton of other features not working. He specifically wanted IRA to enhance the safety of his car and stay updated through his phone about the whereabouts of his car in case of theft. Not to mention, he wanted to enjoy the comforts of the car remotely. However, since day one, IRA is dysfunctional. He has raised this issue with the Tata dealership but has not received any feedback whatsoever. This is clearly highly unprofessional.

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Secondly, there was a problem with the closing of the sunroof. The technicians at the dealership asked the owner to keep driving the car and the issue will fix automatically. It did fix on its own but after the servicing, there is a noise after the sunroof is shut down. This was not there before and started only after the servicing. The owner also mentioned that the drivers and workers at the service centre don’t handle the car very well. There are marks on the interiors which are a result of clearly the workers.

Tata Nexon problems ownership review

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Unprofessional Service Experience

All in all, the Tata Nexon owner claims that a lot of problems have occurred after he visited the service centre. For instance, he got the gear lock installed in his Nexon, but the fit and finish of the centre console after that has been terrible. They did not correctly put the panel back in place and have also left scratch marks on the panel. Such things are very common during the servicing of many customers. This confirms that Tata Nexon does face some problems regarding the IRA, Sunroof and the overall servicing in general. With the competition so strong, Tata needs to fix its service issues before this starts affecting its sales.

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