Tata Safari 2011 Merlin Specifications, Features, Pictures


We have shared a news earlier about the New Model of Tata Safari in Making by Tata Motors. There has been some recent scoop pictures on the Internet for the new Tata Safari by Tata Motors. The new Safari will be called as Tata Merlin and will debut in 2011.



For more details, check out our detailed news story on Safari 2011 aka Tata Merlin

Tata Safari 2011 – Tata Merlin Specifications, Features And Details

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  1. I would like to know the specifications,Features & pictures of Tata Safari 2011 Merlin as i want to encourage indian vehicles sales than imported ones.

  2. save for quality the old safari was good.if the merlin got the right quality.Its gonna rock the sales chart.More importantly indians have a soft corner in their heart

  3. tatas need to get their act together re after sales service if they want to recapture market share-this from a two times tata owner who shifted loyalty
    due to lack of product support.
    also they need to innovate in a big way to make it look and run like an SUV rather than a lumbering Station Wagon


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