Tata Safari Manual vs Automatic Transmission – Which One Suits You The Best?

Tata has recently unveiled its flagship offering in the form of the resurrection of its iconic model, the Safari. Tata had played with its name for a long time from Buzzard to Gravitas but they said that they always wanted to name it Safari. Irrespective of the nameplay, the final product in flesh is here and we have already driven it. We have shared our impressions of the looks, interior and driving already, so make sure to check that out as well. In this post, we will try to answer the question, which transmission suits you the best. We’ll do this by comparing the driving experience of the two gearboxes and describing the characteristics of each one. The bookings for the Safari have already commenced with a booking amount of Rs 30,000 and the launch will take place on February 22. The deliveries will begin the same day. Let us take a look at how the two transmissions compare.

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Tata Safari

Tata Safari 6-speed Manual Transmission

We drove the 6-speed manual and were positively impressed by the transmission. The 350Nm torque is handled very well by the manual gearbox which allows enough grunt across the RPM range. The power delivery feels linear and accelerating the heavy Safari does not feel troublesome at all. In fact, the all-four disc brakes and healthy transmission responses make the Safari handle really well. The body roll is also well contained and is substantially lower as compared to the last-gen Safari. This transmission gives you total control of the vehicle at all times, which some drivers prefer over the automatic. The only little downside to this transmission is that the travel of the clutch is very long. This can prove to be tiring for the driver especially in traffic conditions where you have to press the clutch pedal again and again. That is the only time where you would miss the automatic but apart from that, there is no issue with the manual gearbox.

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Tata Safari 6-speed Automatic Transmission

The 6-speed automatic transmission offered with the Safari is a torque converter unit. This translates into smooth gearshifts which is a real plus in terms of comfort of the passengers and great ride quality as well without any jerks during the drive. The driving modes help you immensely depending on the driving conditions because apart from that there is manual control to make the transmission behave the way you want. The Sport Mode heightens the throttle responses and the gearbox readily downshifts making sure that you are never left wanting more power. When you are in city conditions or stuck in traffic, having Eco Mode with automatic transmission is a real boon. The hassle of maneuvering the clutch repeatedly is gone completely and the driver can focus on convenience. These are inherent advantages of automatic transmission.

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Tata Safari

Automatic vs Manual Transmission – Verdict

Having driven both the transmissions, we can conclude that there are positives and negatives to both the gearboxes. It is a matter of preference as opposed to inherent problems with any particular transmission. If you are someone who loves to drive and wants to have the car under your control during all times and don’t mind working the heavy clutch regularly, then there is no problem with the manual transmission. But if you are someone who wants to shift your focus from changing gears to being comfortable and convenient in the driver’s seat, then you should go for the automatic transmission. Either way, you can not really go wrong with any of these transmissions.