Watching Detailing Experts Clean This Tata Tiago Is Therapeutic

We’ve seen some pretty dirty cars in all these years but nothing actually beats the Tata Tiago you see in the video we have below

The trend of car detailing has got quite popular in the last few years. It’s now fairly common for anyone to go to a detailing shop and get his car converted into a near new condition. And this is exactly what the video we have here shows – A really dirty Tata Tiago that has been brought in an auction and has been taken to detailing experts for a thorough cleaning of the interior. At the start of the video, it is said that while it takes the team 3-3.5 hours to clean a car’s interior, it has taken them 6 hours to clean the cabin of this car. Watch the video for full details –

As you would have noticed, the cabin of this Tata Tiago was in a unusable state due to the amount of dirt it had accumulated over the time. Even if you would have never let your car get so dirty, here are still 5 reasons why you should keep your car interior spick and span through car detailing –

Stain Removal and Prevention

Many of us have our pets travel with us in the car. This leads to pet hair and stains getting accumulated in the interior. Most of the times, we don’t have products that can clean the stains from the upholstery. Plus, it is a tedious job and not something you would want to spend hours of your weekend on. A car detailing expert can easily help you here without costing you a bomb.

Disinfect Vehicle Surfaces

The interior of the cabin can be a breeding home of many infections. A stereo knob, gear lever, steering wheel or simply a door handle can be some of the points you often touch and hence, it’s very important to keep the cabin disinfected to minimize the chance of falling ill due to an infection.

Minimize Maintenance

A proper detailing job always gives a thorough cleaning to the upholstery of the cabin. However, neglecting the fabric leads to faster wear and tear. Now, no one likes a shabby interior but the problem here is that getting an upholstery change is often pretty heavy on the pocket and not a kind of investment you would want to make too often. The easiest workaround to this is to keep the cabin clean at all times.

tata tiago detailing

Reduce Chances of Allergies

Many of us are prone to quickly catching allergies. You must have noticed how some of us tend to start sneezing in dust or have red, puffy eyes in certain months of year. This is mainly due to the indoor allergens and the worst of these are often found inside a car. Hence, one needs to make sure all the nooks and crannies of the cabin are clean and devoid of dirt, dust and any sort of mould growth.

Minimize Depreciation

A well-maintained car will always command a higher resale value than a car that has been neglected. Already, cars are a pretty bad investment due to the rate at which they depreciate in value but one can still minimize it by keeping his car in a well-maintained, clean condition.

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