Tata Tiago vs Maruti Celerio vs Hyundai Grand i10


The Tiago has already garnered a positive response from car buyers. It is easily the most important car for Tata Motors as of today. However, it needs to fend off the heat from popular models like the Maruti Celerio and Hyundai Grand i10 to become really successful. The Tiago was initially called the Zica but was renamed following the advent of Zika virus. The Tiago was launched in March 2016 and has received over 40,000 bookings ever since. Currently, certain models of the Zica command a waiting period of over 3 months. However, is the new Zica really the best? Let’s find it out in our Tata Tiago vs Maruti Celerio vs Hyundai Grand i10 comparison here.

Tata Tiago vs Maruti Celerio vs Hyundai Grand i10 Comparison

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Tata Tiago vs Maruti Celerio vs Hyundai Grand i10 – Comparison of Price

Tata Tiago Rs. 3.71 lakhs to Rs. 6.42 lakhs
Maruti Celerio Rs. 4.59 lakhs to Rs. 7.07 lakhs
Hyundai Grand i10 Rs. 5.69 lakhs to Rs. 8.36 lakhs

(all prices on-road, Mumbai)

The Tata Tiago is the least priced car here. On sale at an on-road price of just Rs. 3.71 lakhs in Mumbai, the Tiago is a lot cheaper than both the Celerio and the Grand i10. However, the Tiago still stands at par with the other two cars here in terms of equipment and performance. Hence, the Tiago ends up being a great value-for-money proposition. Even the top-end Tiago model holds a definite cost advantage over top models of the other two cars here. The Tiago is just amazing value-for-money. No wonder, then, that its price is one of the biggest selling points of this car. Round 1 to Tiago, then!

Tata Tiago vs Maruti Celerio vs Hyundai Grand i10 – Mileage

Mileage Tata Tiago Maruti Celerio Hyundai Grand i10
Petrol Model 13 KMPL – 17 KMPL 12 KMPL – 17 KMPL 13 KMPL – 16 KMPL
Diesel Model 18 KMPL – 21 KMPL 16 KMPL – 20 KMPL 16 KMPL – 19 KMPL

As can be noted in the table, the Tiago is definitely more fuel efficient than the other two cars here. While the difference in fuel mileage is not much, there’s definitely a difference. India has always been a mileage conscious market and hence, Tiago’s more frugal nature helps it stand out here. We are surprised that the Tiago has managed to be more fuel efficient than the Celerio. However, ultimately it’s the consumer who benefits. Full points to Tata Motors here again!

Tata Tiago vs Maruti Celerio vs Hyundai Grand i10 – Design

The Tiago looks pretty chic with its well-proportioned design. Its front fascia sports an evolved version of Tata’s ‘smiling grille’. It runs between the headlamps. The side profile boasts neat creases and clean surfaces. We particularly like the rear-end. It has to be the sportiest part of the design. Overall, the Tiago looks good and has a world-class appearance.

Now this is a fairly subjective topic. However, most of you would agree that the Celerio looks fairly dated in front of the other two here. The front fascia is a typical Suzuki design. It’s neat and inoffensive. Ditto for the side profile. The rear-end is slightly curvy and slightly reminiscent of other Suzuki models. However, the bland surfaces and the tallboy stance ensure the Celerio doesn’t excite many.

The Grand i10 is another world-class design. Whiile it doesn’t look as smart as the Euro-spec i10, it still is very likable. The Grand i10, however, is getting old. Thankfully a facelift is on its way!

Of the three, the Tiago is definitely the most appealing when it comes to design.

Tata Tiago vs Maruti Celerio vs Hyundai Grand i10 – Interior

The interior of the Tiago is a reflection of the exterior. This means the Tiago’s cabin gets a likable design, lot of neat surfaces and overall a pleasing look. The Tiago is easily the most likable design from Tata, both inside and out! While there are some bits borrowed from the Bolt and the Zest, the Tiago looks fresh and appealing. Even on the features front, the Tiago scores highly. It’s easily among the most loaded small cars on sale today. Its cabin is spacious and highly ergonomic. We really don’t have a reason to complain here.tata zica photos

The Celerio’s cabin is fairly more airy. The black and beige interior theme looks good and you can spot a lot of bits from the Maruti parts bin. The steering wheel comes from the Swift and is good to hold. Even in terms of ergonomics, there’s nothing to complain of. The driver has a nice view of the road around, which is thanks to the high seating and large greenhouse area. However, the Celerio seems to miss out on the whatever little flair the Tiago and the Grand i10 have.maruti-celerio-diesel-ddis-125-pics-blue-official-5

The Grand i10 gets black and beige interior setup. It feels really premium and gets high quality plastics. The instrument console is surely the most attractive of the lot. It is high on features as well. The Grand i10 also offer an airy cabin. It’s really a tough call between the Grand i10 and the Tiago, but we are a bit inclined towards the i10 for its more spacious cabin.Hyundai Grand i10 Special Edition-Interior-Dashboard-Black-Red

Tata Tiago vs Maruti Celerio vs Hyundai Grand i10 – Specification

Specifications Tata Tiago Maruti Celerio Hyundai Grand i10
Engine Options 1.2 L, 3-Cylinder, Petrol; 1.05 L, 3-Cylinder, Diesel 1.0 L, 3-Cylinder, Petrol; 0.8 L, 2-Cylinder, Diesel 1.2 L, 4-Cylinder, Petrol; 1.1 L. 3-Cylinder, Diesel
Max. Power 85 PS; 70 PS 69 PS; 49 PS 82 PS; 72 PS
Peak Torque 114 Nm; 140 Nm 90 Nm; 125 Nm 114 Nm; 160 Nm
Transmission 5-Speed Manual 5-Speed Manual, 4-Speed AMT; 5-Speed Manual 5-Speed Manual, 4-Speed Automatic; 5-Speed Manual
Ground Clearance 170 mm 165 mm 165 mm

All the three cars here offer a Petrol and a Diesel engine option. Of these, the Tiago and the Grand i10 offer similar levels of performance. However, the Tiago does miss out on AMT or Automatic transmission options. However, Tata is likely to launch the Tiago AMT in coming months. The Celerio seems to have the weakest case for itself. Its 0.8 L Diesel engine is fairly less powerful than Diesel engines of both Grand i10 and the Tiago. An area where the Tiago scores a bit more is the ground clearance. While only marginally more, higher ground clearance is always a boon on our roads.

Tata Tiago Vs Maruti Celerio Vs Hyundai Grand i10 – Comfort

The Tiago has a really matured ride quality. Tata cars generally impress us with their ride comfort but the Tiago is in a totally different league. The car rides really well and isolates the cabin from most of the irregularities with the road surfaces. The suspension is softly sprung. Handling manners are decent but nothing sporty here.

tata zica photos

The Maruti Celerio’s ride is pliant. Maruti has refrained from having a very soft suspension setting. The steering weighs up well and isn’t over assisted. However, there’s still some body roll when changing lanes at a high speed. Also, thanks to high NVH, there’s quite some engine noise finding its way into the cabin.


The Hyundai Grand i10 has a very comfortable ride. However, it doesn’t feel as matured while tackling with big craters as the Tiago. That said, the Grand i10 doesn’t get too harsh on its passengers. The NVH levels are low and the cabin remains isolated from the engine noise. The steering is also not overtly assisted and doesn’t feel lifeless. However, it does feel a bit too light at high speeds.


Tata Tiago Vs Maruti Celerio Vs Hyundai Grand i10 Comparison (Positives)

Tata Tiago

  • Looks Good
  • High Ride Quality
  • High Mileage
  • Price

Maruti Celerio

  • Space
  • AMT Option
  • Wide Service Network

Hyundai Grand i10

  • Premium Cabin
  • Feature-loaded
  • Decent Power

Tata Tiago Vs Maruti Celerio Vs Hyundai Grand i10 Comparison (Negatives)

Tata Tiago

  • Long term reliability a suspect
  • Petrol engine not very peppy

Maruti Celerio

  • Boring looks
  • Crude Diesel engine
  • Feels Dated

Hyundai Grand i10

  • Expensive
  • Getting a bit old now

Tata Tiago Vs Maruti Celerio Vs Hyundai Grand i10 Comparison- Verdict

It’s pretty clear, the Celerio doesn’t stand much of a chance in this company. While it does have some positives like a wide service network, a frugal Diesel engine and a spacious cabin, it feels really dated now. The Grand i10, on the other hand, looks really good. It has segment-leading features and offers a good balance between ride and handling. However, it’s the most expensive of the three. Also, a facelift is around the corner. Which brings us to the Tiago. It’s really hard to find a fault with Tiago’s package. It looks good, rides well, has lot of features and its engines are adequately powerful. The only downside is that its long term reliability is somewhat of a suspect. This is something that only time will tell. Until then, the Tiago is the winner of our Tata Tiago Vs Maruti Celerio Vs Hyundai Grand i10 Comparison!