Tata Tigor Electric Car Specifications Leak Online – Power Figure Revealed


Tata Tigor Electric Car Specifications Leak Online Through Image of an ARAI Document. Lower Power Than Tiago EV

It is by now a fairly well-known fact that Tata Motors is busy readying an all-electric variant of its Tigor compact sedan. The upcoming model will be supplied to the Government of India at an ex-showroom price of Rs 11.2 lakh. In a recent development, specs of the upcoming Tata electric car have leaked online through an image of an ARAI document. With this, we finally have some concrete information on the Tata Tigor Electric car specifications.

tata cars at auto expo 2018 - tata electric car tigor ev image front angle

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Tata Tigor Electric Vehicle Specifications

Specs Tigor EV
Engine Electric
Max. Power 29.8 kW @ 55 kmph
Max. 30 Mins Power 12 kW @ 45 kmph
Kerb Weight 1516 KGs

While the regular Tigor is on sale with 1.2-litre Petrol and 1.05-litre Diesel engines, the Tigor EV gets a 29.8 kW (39.95 hp) electric motor. This means that the Tigor Electric car is less powerful than the Tiago EV, which offers a peak power of 85 kW (113.94 hp). In terms of dimensions, there is no change. This means that the upcoming EV is 3,992 mm long, 1,677 mm wide and 1,537 mm tall. It has a 2,450 mm wheelbase. These figures are the same as those of the regular Tata Tigor. The Tigor electric car will become a direct rival to the Mahindra eVerito, which offers slightly more power (30.5 kW or 41 hp). However, let’s not forget that the Tigor is almost 200 KGs lighter.

tata tigor electric car specifications
Specs of upcoming Tata Tigor EV leaked through an ARAI document

Tata Tigor Electric Car Launch Date

The Tigor Electric Car won’t launch before the last quarter of next year. However, the company will supply 10,000 units of the electric car to the Government of India over the next 2 years. So, basically, you’ll soon start seeing this car on public roads. In the first batch, only 500 cars will be delivered to the Government. Also, we expect to see the Tigor electric vehicle at the Delhi Auto Expo 2018.

The 10,000 units of the electric Tigor will replace the petrol- and Diesel-powered car that the government officials have been using. Currently, estimates suggest that there are as many as 5 lakh Government cars in use.

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Tata Tigor Electric Car Price

Excluding GST Rs 10.16 lakh
Including GST Rs 11.2 lakh

In the winning bid, Tata Motors quoted a price of Rs 10.16 lakh per car to the Government. This price is exclusive of the GST. It will cost Rs 11.2 lakh if you factor in the GST. The Tigor EV won’t go on sale at least before a year. We are pretty sure the company will initially focus on delivering the 10,000 units to the Government first. Also, there are good chances that this electric car will cost lesser when it goes on sale in near future. We say this because the Government would want to push sales of EVs by offering huge subsidies and rebates. This will help achieve the all-electric car target by 2030. A high sales of the Tigor EV will also motivate other car companies to come up with EVs.

So, what do you think about the Tata Tigor Electric car specifications? Do you think the new model will be powerful enough for our kind of usage? Share your views with us by writing them down in the comments section below. Also, stay tuned to Carblogindia for latest news updates on cars and motorcycles relevant to India.

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