Tata Tigor vs Maruti Baleno [COMPARED!]


Tata Tigor is the third compact sedan from Tata Motors (the first two being the Indigo eCS and the Zest). It is based on the Tiago hatchback, which, in the first place, is a well-sorted car. Thanks to a well-sculpted notchback form, the Tigor has a very attractive design. It’s also high on the features list and even offers a touchscreen infotainment system. While the Tigor will be a direct rival to other compact sedans on sale in India, it might even end up competing with premium hatchbacks like the Maruti Baleno. Hence, we have decided to compare these two models in our Tata Tigor vs Maruti Baleno comparison post here-

tata tigor vs maruti baleno comparison

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So far the Baleno has done a great deal of good to Maruti Suzuki. It is not only the highest selling car in its segment, but is also one of the highest selling cars in India. The car witnesses a great demand, for both its petrol and Diesel models. In comparison, the Tigor hasn’t been doing the kind of numbers that the Baleno does. However, it’s still gradually trying to establish a strong foothold in the market. It’s noteworthy here that Tata Motors invented the sub-4 metre compact sedan segment in India with the launch of the Indigo CS. However, competition was quick to catch up and overtake the Indica-derived model on the sales charts. The Tigor is the second such model from Tata Motors. Thanks to handsome looks, a long list of features, a big boot and an attractive price tag, the Tigor is slowly catching the attention of the car buying lot. Prices of the Tigor undercut those of the Baleno by a fair margin. Yet the Tata model here offers more space and almost similar levels of features and performance. So does it mean the Tigor outclasses the Baleno? Our Tata Tigor vs Maruti Baleno should help you find your answers.

Tata Tigor vs Maruti Baleno Price Comparison

Tata Tigor Maruti Baleno
Price Rs 4.70-7.09 Lakh Rs 5.28-8.44 Lakh

Tata Tigor costs much lesser than the Baleno. That said, there is a price overlap between Tigor’s high-end models and the Baleno’s entry and mid level trims. For example. Tigor XZ petrol and Baleno Delta petrol cost almost the same. So, it will be interesting to see if the fully loaded Tigor manages to attract some buyers away from the hot-selling Maruti hatchback.

Tata Tigor Maruti Baleno
XE Rs. 4.70 lakh Sigma Rs. 5.28 lakh
XT Rs. 5.41 lakh Delta Rs. 5.99 lakh
XZ Rs. 5.90 lakh Zeta Rs. 6.59 lakh
XZ(O) Rs. 6.19 lakh Delta AT Rs. 7.05 lakh
Alpha Rs. 7.30 lakh
Zeta AT Rs. 7.66 lakh
RS Rs. 8.69 lakh
XE Rs. 5.60 lakh Sigma Rs. 6.45 lakh
XT Rs. 6.31 lakh Delta Rs. 7.11 lakh
XZ Rs. 6.80 lakh Zeta Rs. 7.72 lakh
XZ(O) Rs. 7.09 lakh Alpha Rs. 8.44 lakh

tata tigor vs maruti baleno comparison

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Tata Tigor vs Maruti Baleno Specifications Comparison

Tata Tigor Maruti Baleno
Engine Type/ Displacement 1.2 L Petrol; 1.05 L Diesel 1.2 L Petrol; 1.3 L Diesel
Power 84 BHP; 69 BHP 83 BHP; 74 BHP
Torque 114 Nm; 140 Nm 115 Nm; 190 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox) 5-speed Manual 5-speed Manual, CVT; 5-Speed Manual
Mileage 23 KMPL; 27 KMPL (estimated) 21.4 KMPL; 27.39 KMPL

The petrol models of the Tigor and the Baleno are equally matched. The only difference is that the Baleno offers an option of a CVT. However, the Tigor is expected to get an AMT in coming months. The Diesel Baleno, however, is clearly a lot more potent than the Tigor Diesel. It offers much more power and torque and is very frugal too. The Baleno is also offered with a 1.0-litre Boosterjet Turbo Petrol motor, but we haven’t included it in our comparison here as the Tigor doesn’t have a performance-oriented model.

new maruti baleno images
The Baleno Diesel has a clear edge over the Tigor’s Diesel model

Tata Tigor vs Maruti Baleno Mileage Comparison

Tata Tigor Maruti Baleno
Mileage 23 KMPL; 27 KMPL (estimated) 21.4 KMPL; 27.39 KMPL

In terms of average fuel mileage, both the petrol and diesel models of these two cars are almost equally matched, at least on paper.

Tata Tigor vs Maruti Baleno Dimensions Comparison

  Tigor Baleno
Length x Width x Height 3992 x 1677 x 1537 mm 3995 x 1745 x 1500 mm
Wheelbase 2450 mm 2520 mm
Kerb Weight 1130 KGs 1080 KGs
Wheel Type and Size 15-inch alloys 16-inch alloys
Boot Space 419 L 355 L

The Baleno offers marginally higher leg-space at both front and rear. It also offers more shoulder-room. However, the Tigor offers considerably more boot space.

tata tigor test drive review images rear
Tigor gets an impressive boot space of 419 litres

Tata Tigor vs Maruti Baleno Comparison Verdict

As we said earlier, there’s no direct competition between these two vehicles. While one is a premium hatchback, other is a compact sedan based on a budget hatchback. Also, the Baleno offers higher performance, especially if you compare the diesel models of these two. Not just that, the Baleno also feels much more premium. So, basically, those looking for a larger boot should opt for the Tigor over the base Baleno. Those looking for more powerful Diesel engine, roomier cabin and a more premium experience should opt for the Baleno.

So, what do you say about our Tata Tigor vs Maruti Baleno comparison? Do share your views by commenting below.

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  1. Well, The Tigor and Tiago comparison popped up from nowhere and the dimensions of the Tiago in that Comparison is totally wrong

  2. Undoubtedly the baleno has done fab work in market since its launch but on the othet hand tiago is giving a nice feel to the youth in a budget. tigor has nice exterior and they have done a geat job to make the gear shifts smooth and drive is much better now. Interiors are also superb as per the price tag so definitely tigor gonna is a catchy thing and people will move towards it…..

  3. good car tata tigor i like it.
    i like reverse parking sensor or projector head lamp or touch screen sound syestem. or variant colour.

  4. I am looking to buy a car very soon. Have tested both Baleno delta petrol and tata tigor XZ(o). I must say tata has done a tremendous job. Tigor is a complete value for money. Ride quality is also decent and at the same time getting a fully loaded car. But I am confused, because as per my peers review, one should not go for tata. We all have seen tiago performance but still not many are suggesting to go for tata. Two main reasons are poor after sales service and poor resale value.

    Look forward to suggestions.

  5. If aftersales support and service is a major concern then we would suggest the Maruti Baleno. However, Tigor ZX(O) offers more in terms of features and boot space.



  7. Tigor is a value for money car whereas baleno is no doubt a good car but overpriced. Just to teach elite i20 a lesson and show themselves to b more premium maruti has overpriced this car. I have driven all three cars i20 is also a great car but tigor’s suspension is the best. Baleno’s front suspension doesn’t give a premium car feel. No offence. But it’s a fact.

  8. baleno and tata tagor both are good .no d,ut but tata maintain and part are costy to maruti vehicle.tata tagor good feel in drive compare baleno .and handle grip
    thanks this my personal experince .both are good no dout.you have no finical issue .i suggest buy tata tagor

  9. I am looking to buy a car, but confused what to buy Tata tigor, Balerno or New desire. Please give me the suggestion my budget is max 6.5 lac.

  10. Tata tigor is lovely car mostly its exterior is best. Its suspension is very good.there is city and eco mode. Its engine is made by jaguar . So many changes done by Tata motors, so its best. Tiago also best car, their specification is similar. Price is very cheap.

    But tatas resale value is poor than maruti. I think maintainance cost of Tata car is large.
    Than maruti.

  11. मुझे बहुत confusion है। मारुति बलेनो और टाटा टीगोर में कौनसी कार अच्छी है।
    बलेनो की कीमत इतनी जादा होने पर भी टाटा टीगोर के मुकाबले उसका sale बहुत जादा है।
    बलेनो का suspension टीगोर से कम है, लेकिन wagon R, dizire, swift, celerio इन सारी कार का एक जैसा है।बलेनोका Ground clearance के साथ साथ Boot space भी टीगोर से कम है।
    Tata की resale value maruti के मुकाबले बहुत कम आधे से भी कम है।
    Maruti की maintainance value भारत में सबसे कम है।
    जादा service staition और किसी भी मैकेनिक को आसानी से आने जमाने वाला repaire इस बजह से मारुति पर लोगोंका भरोसा है।
    अब मैं खुद सोच रहा हु की कौनसी कार खरीदु, Baleno या Tigor???

  12. I have purchased a Tata Tigor xz(o), petrol. It’s a nice good car. I’ve done 2500Km including an 800Km long drive and the overall experience and comfort has been great. As for maintenance, Tata provides a 2 year Gold AMC package at about Rs.8500/-, which includes all wear and tear parts, consumables like Oil replacement etc. With that the maintenance cost (at least for the first two years) should be almost nil.
    Definitely maintenance will cost you more once the car gets old (4+ years), which is true for any car. My old car (at 9+years) had become extremely expensive to maintain.


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