Tata To Introduce New Jaguar & Land Rover Models Soon


Tata our very Indian brand has been going smooth for quite some time and meanwhile launched Tata Nano and bought Jaguar and Land Rover for an appreciable amount of money. But now the market needs some action and expects a few more launches making them believe in the decision the brand took for this this huge investment.


According to the company’s 2009-10 annual report Mr. Ratan Tata, Tata Motor’s Chairman is planning to introduce three entry level models for the Jaguar and Land Rover brand respectively. For the Jaguar, the parent company will probably offer a station wagon and a roadster while for the Land Rover, the new Range Rover Evoque will be offered.

The company is not just concentrating on UK based Jaguar and Land Rover but also Spain’s Hispano and Korea’s Daewoo. Adding more charm to the company’s success are the new variants of the Tata Nano, being produced at the Sanand plant which are ready for exports to other global markets.

Another fact pointing at the companies market strategies is that the current production capacity of 250,000 units of the Sanand plant will soon be upgraded to 500,000 units per annum, making the brand more capable of meeting the future demands. Mr. Tata added,”The company’s global acquisitions will allow it to further expand its product range, and “leverage the respective strengths and economies of its various domestic and overseas establishments”

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