Tata Nano Production Will Become Thrice By March 2011


Tata has asked the vendors of Tata Nano parts to scale up their production levels to three times the current production levels which is about 10,000 Tata Nano car units per month. Its been just about a month and the rate of production is not at the full plant capacity as yet. Seeing the growing demand and increase in sales number of Tata Nano, it is a wise move to scale up the production targets to meet future demands for the cheapest car in the world.

I have already observed a lot of Nano cars on roads of Delhi in past few weeks after the Sanand Plant has been operational. Earlier I used to see a Tata Nano rarely. The most promising part of this growth expectation is almost no competition as yet in this segment. Also as the time passes and more and more Tata Nanos come on road, people’s confidence and comfort level will improve for this car. We will keep you updated as we hear more.

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