Don’t Pay Toll Tax If Waiting Time Exceeds 3 Minutes


Waiting at toll plazas is something that every motorists dreads. Thanks to lack of lane discipline, unsystematic toll collectors and the general lawlessness that prevails on Indian roads, one often finds himself wasting hours at some of the toll collection booths. Now, in a development that has left many pleasantly surprised, an important, and a really less known, toll plaza 3 minute rule in India has come to light. Mr. Hariom Jindal, an advocate, filed an RTI last year about the toll plaza waiting rules in India. The information that he has finally received from RTI comes across as a big relief. As per the information Mr. Jindal has received, it should be ensured that vehicles complete the entire procedure of paying toll fees at the plaza counter area within a span of 3-minutes.

toll plaza 3 minute rule

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In case any vehicle fails to complete this process owing to traffic congestion at the booth, or due to delay at the toll collector’s end or due to any similar situation, the motorist is not bound to pay the toll fees. This toll plaza 3 minute rule is something that most of us have been simply unaware. On most occasions, we seem to have no choice but to wait at the booth for many minutes before the car right in front moves ahead. This rule is applicable only to the cars stuck in the toll plaza area and not in the ques. Now, thanks to the 3 min rule coming to light, many motorists will at least save some money in lieu of the time wasted at the plazas.

toll plaza 3 minute rule - toll plaza waiting rules

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All this comes to light due to a Facebook post by Mr. Jindal. The advocate decided to spread the word and help others by posting a picture of the response he has got from the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). In response to his query regarding the max. time in which a vehicle should clear all the procedure of toll payment, NHAI has clearly stated that the max. waiting period for any vehicle to clear the toll booth is around 2 minutes and 50 seconds. This toll plaza 3 minute rule applies to every type of vehicle, regardless of its size. Any vehicle that is unable to clear the toll payment procedure owing to traffic congestion and delays caused by the booth operator is no more bound to pay any toll fees.

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toll plaza 3 minute rule

We, at Car Blog India, wholeheatedly thank Mr Jindal for raising this query and sharing the response to his RTI on social media. We’re sure many will benefit from this toll plaza 3 minute rule. What do you think about this development? Do share your views in the comments section below.

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  1. What is meant by waiting time at toll plaza and not in queue? If there is a 1km long queue to the toll collector’s cabin, does that mean that waiting time is not considered? Or is there any specified limit at each toll plaza after which this 3 min time rule shall be applicable? Please confirm.

  2. Hi this is Dr. Peddireddy.b,from nellore,ap,hi I waited in tollplaza more than 10min,if I asked about the rule,they said we did not get any rule like that,u have to pay,so I did the same,if it happens whom to complaint and what to do,pls suggest,it will be helpful, thanks

  3. Hi,I waited in toll plaza for 20 mins. I told about the rule they replied that they didn’t get the govt order. Wat can I do. Reply

  4. There is no yellow line visible and toll guy does not respect the document we show to them. All gunda working on all toll plaza. All are like representing local and national politicians. they do not have fear of any one.
    India is not fit to stay . All gunda raj.
    all bhagawan bharose chalta hai….

  5. Toll plaza belongs to politicians indirectly, why they will listen to you ?
    India is not fit for democracy, it’s big failure for common people and prosperous for illiterate politicians.
    Just close your eyes evaluate India. in 70 years we could not do progress, it will not happen in another 7000 years also.

  6. How to calculate the 3 minute… i mean the location from which place 3 minute time starts at toll area…? This is to be clarified.. whether at the counter location or from the place the car in que…

  7. How to calculate the 3 minute… i mean the location from which place 3 minute time starts at toll area…? This is to be clarified.. whether at the counter location or from the place the car in que…

  8. This rule is applicable only at the pay axis. This has nothing to do with even a 10 km long que.

    The booth operator has to process and pass you out in 2min 30 sec once you payout the cash

    He cannot be held accountable for any misbehaving by toll payers or delaying to pay by travellers.

    Transaction time is never more than 30 secs in automated toll booths.

    Nothing substantial and no freebies

  9. Inspire of me knowing the rule..What is the use..??
    The toll people do not agree.
    Then where to complain.??


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