Top Gear UK Season 22 Teaser Video Released


Top Gear UK has teased its Season 22 through a short video

While Top Gear UK is yet to announce the exact release date of its next season, it has released a new teaser video of the upcoming series of episodes. The latest video also says that the upcoming season of Top Gear UK will be “Coming Soon”, which should please the fans in us. The new Top Gear UK Season 22 teaser video shows the Stig travelling around during his vacations. He is show choosing from mundane rental cars (no, wait! He ends up picking a yellow Lamborghini Aventador). Later, he is seen going sideways on a track in a red Jaguar F-Type. Ok, there isn’t much else this teaser shows but then, you’ll have to give it to this short clip for doing what it is meant to – tease us.


It maybe noted that there has been a delay in the release of Season 22 due to some troubles Top Gear faced in Argentina. However, now it looks like everything has been sorted out and the new episodes should be out soon!

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