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Yesterday we attended the launch of first hatchback by Toyota in India. The Toyota Etios Liva, which is a small car with 1.2 Litre engine and is shorter than 4 meters in length has got all it takes to make the competitors be on their toes. The first impressions of Liva based on the specifications, interiors and exterior quality are very positive. We will soon do a test drive review as soon as we get a car for testing. In this article, we will share our first impressions and share a video review of the car. For technical specs and other details, you can check out the link-

Toyota Etios Liva Official Price, Details, Specifications, Features

Etios Liva 1

Toyota Etios Liva Exteriors – First Impression

The exteriors of Toyota Etios Liva are pretty pleasing to eyes. I personally feel that the hatchback looks far more sporty compared to the Etios Sedan which looks kind of too simple at the rear. The rear design with the chrome strip in the middle, the spoiler, side curves merging just above the tail lamps together give it a very vibrant look. The good side of the Etios Liva is that while it appeals to the youth, it will equally attract more mature buyers as it has the angle of sophistication as well sportiness balanced in a very nice way.

Etios Liva 2

The 12 spoke 15 inch alloys look very nice and give it a good look. Apart from the looks, large tyres also make the ride more comfortable. On the roof, the aerodynamic ribbed structure adds looks as well as strength to the car’s structure keeping the weight low as ribbed structured tend to be stronger than plain structures.

Etios Liva 3

On the front, the Etios Liva is almost identical to the Etios sedan. The font is not as sporty as the sides and rear, but does have a good balance of simplicity and elegance. The fog lamps are integrated in to the bumper and are round in shape, there is a dual grille kind of structure- below and above the front license plate.

Toyota Etios Liva Interiors – First Impression

Interiors of Liva impressed me better than the exteriors, if you ask me to tell me best thing about the interiors, I would say space. The interiors feel very spacious considering it’s a small hatchback. The headroom, legroom at the front as well as rear is very comfortable. The driver does not have to be cramped to leave space for rear passengers, also the intelligent designing of front seats in slim form factor and foot space below front seats for rear passengers is very large as well.

Toyota Etios Liva Interios (2)

The Air conditioning vents are fairly large and placed in an asymmetric manner with respect to the center of the dashboard to provide good airflow to the rear seats which is very useful in hot places of India. The steering wheel does not block the airflow of the AC. One thing which we though is missing is the Automatic climate control which would have been a good feature to have on premium hatchbacks.

Toyota Etios Liva Interios (1)

Another good feature is the large cooled glove-box for keeping water and other drinks cool on the go. This feature is again very useful for hot summers in India. The quality of plastics, fabrics, and upholstery is good. The car feels nice from inside as well as outside and has no-nonsense elements. Check out more details in the video review below.

Toyota Etios Interiors and Exteriors Video Review

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  1. I love Toyota Brand any car will be just fantastic.It would have been better if both options available Petrol & Diesel


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