Toyota India Recalls Etios Sedan and Liva Hatchback Cars For Fuel Filler Hose Problems


Toyota India has officially recalled the Toyota Etios Sedan and Toyota Etios Liva hatchback in India which were produced before 8th October 2011. The reason for recall of Etios Sedan and Etios Liva hatchbacks is cases of potential aberration in the filler hose (from which diesel or petrol enters the fuel tank). These have been several cases reported to Toyota India after which it has decided to recall all the cars which can be potentially impacted by this defect and change the affected parts free of cost. Toyota India has put up an official announcement on its official website regarding the same.


image – Toyota Etios Sedan and Liva Hatchback

Toyota is calling it a Special Service Campaign to avoid any problems to the customers in future. The total duration of the repair is promised to be about 45 minutes. The customers can contact their nearest dealers for making and appointment for the procedure to be carried out properly. This is probably the largest car recall by Toyota in India. One the reasons for it being the largest recall is that so far Toyota Etios and Etios Liva has sold higher number of units in the short span after they have been launched. Etios and Liva are two products which have been developed specially for Indian market and thus there have been lots of cost cutting measures, optimization in the use of material etc. to achieve a high economy affordable car for India.


image – Toyota India Recall Notice for Etios Liva and Etios Sedan

Proactively admitting the problem and providing the solution is a good step taken by Toyota. We hope it does not face more such issues with its cars in future. We will keep you updated of the developments. You can stay tuned to us by liking our official Facebook Page and sign up for our free email newsletter.

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