Toyota Recalls Over Half A Million Cars Worldwide To Fix Potential Steering Problem


Car Recall is one big ghost for any auto manufacturer, it not only costs time and money to recall and fix cars for manufacturing defects, it also hurts the brand image and customer loyalty for the manufacturer. Toyota which is known for its high quality products, have faced a lot of issues in past few years because of such defects which have made it to recall its cars to avoid any mishaps on the road. Recently, Toyota has recalled around 550,000 cars for faulty steering assembly. The recalls are mostly in the USA, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. There are few cars in Europe, middle east and rest of Asia outside Japan. This is a preventive recall to avoid any accidents or injuries, so far no injuries or accidents have been reported because of the same problem.


The problem lies in the engine compartment where the belt of the power steering pump may get damaged because of misalignment of crankshaft inner and outer rings. This causes failure of power steering pump and the power steering suddenly becomes very heavy to operate or turn the vehicle.

Toyota is making appointments with the customers and replacing any faulty parts which cause this problem free of charge. It is a huge number of cars and will cots a lot of time and money to Toyota.

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