The Toyota Supra Might Just Be On Its Way To India

Under the 2500 import car rule, Toyota is seriously considering to bring the Supra Sportscar to India. If it comes at all, it will be Toyota’s flagship product in India.

In India, Toyota is known to be brand with impeccable reliability and one that makes sensible cars like the practical Innova Crsyta or the rugged Fortuner. In fact, these two are the cars that keep Toyota going in India. However, Toyota has quite a special car up their sleeve, one that has been honed at the famous Nurburgring. Yes, we are talking about the Toyota Supra. And there are chances that Toyota’s lineup in India may be infused with some youthfulness. Yes, Toyota is considering to bring the Supra to India.

Toyota is considering to bring the Supra to India
Toyota is considering to bring the Supra to India

In an attempt to change their brand impression from being a workman-like brand, Toyota wants to show that they also have the potential to excite the enthusiast. They are going to take leverage of the 2,500 import car rule and bring a bunch of these Supras to India and drop them in the showroom. Well that’s the plan at least and they hope to find some buyers in the process.

The Toyota GR Supra comes from Toyota’s very successful racing car division – the one that builds its world championship rally cars, 24 hour Le Mans sports prototypes, and even the GR-Four, a 272hp rally replica of the Yaris hatch. The Toyota Supra is a sportscar that is renowned all over the world. Its a front-engined, rear wheel drive car that is powered by a straight-six engine under the hood. In this regard, the new Supra shares its template with its original predecessor, the A80 from back in the 90s.

Interestingly, the Toyota Supra shares its underpinnings and mechanical bits with the new BMW Z4. However, Toyota has tuned the suspension, steering and differential to make it drive and handle differently than the Z4, more like a sportscar than an open-top GT car. Toyota even goes to the extent of saying that because the Supra is a hard-top and has been considerably beefed up, its a lot more rigid and stiffer than even the famous Lexus LFA, with the centre of gravity lower than even the GT86. We did not mention the numbers did we? The straight-six engine under the hood makes 340bhp and has an acceleration time of 4.3sec to 100kph.

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We must also say that the new Toyota Supra is a stunning looking car. The proportions are perfectly of a sports-coupe and there’s a mixture of aggressiveness and simplicity with the design. The front chin with that striking front splitter looks amazing. The headlamps with the slash of LED DRLs, the air dam on the sides of the car and a well sculpted rear end with a prominent diffuser, all speal very well of the Supra’s intent. And yet, when you see some of the curves and lines on the upper half of the car, the simplicity with which it has been executed blends beautifully with the aggressive lower half. Also, you can’t really miss that subtle spoiler on the boot.

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The interiors of the Supra have been well laid out too. The switchgear and overall layout might seem a little familiar as there is quite some part sharing with the BMW Z4. However, Toyota have been able to grant the Supra some individuality on the interiors as well. Quality levels are good and the cabin is robustly built and well equipped too. It even has a decent sized boot. If and we really wish, that the Toyota Supra makes it to India, it is expected to be priced around the Rs 85 lakhs to Rs 95 lakhs. With the Toyota Land Cruiser already discontinued in India, the Supra then could very well be Toyota’s flagship in India.