Toyota And Tesla Come Together To Make Electric Cars

Toyota And Tesla are two major automobile majors of their respective fields have come together with a deal to manufacture Tesla Branded Electric Cars in the USA. As per the agreement, Toyota will buy 50 million USD worth of stake in Tesla when Tesla goes public.

Tesla Model S Sedan

As per their agreement, the two carmakers have decided to develop electric cars and components together. This is a remarkable deal for both of them as Tesla has strong expertise in the Electrical technology for cars and Toyota has a strong background for overall car structural designing and manufacturing on large scales. This combination of the technology and knowledge will prove to be beneficial for both.

They will start jointly manufacturing the Tesla Model S electric car which is due for its launch in the year 2012. Tesla Model S Production will start at the Nummi Plant of Toyota. The Model S of Tesla is a more affordable car as compared to its previous models which cost around $100,000. Model S is expected to be priced around a more affordable price tag of about $50,000 USD. The mass production of Model S with expertise form Toyota may make this car a success.

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