Mercedes GLE43 AMG Hits Tractor, Breaks it into 2

India roads are home to some of the most bizarre incidents and this latest case is a prime example showcasing that.

In a shocking turn of events, a tractor breaks into two parts after getting hit by a Mercedes GLE43 AMG. Now, we know how careless some people drive on the roads which is why we lose so many lives every year. But it is not that often that we come across an incident where such a huge vehicle is split into pieces after a collision with a car. Let us check out the details of this unique case here.

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Tractor Breaks into Two After a Hit by Mercedes

The incident has been reported from Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh and the video clip has gone viral. The YouTube post captures the visuals moments after the impact. The parts of the tractor are seen lying on the road, while the damaged Mercedes is parked nearby. Incidentally, the entire front left part of the car is damaged but the rest of the body of the sedan remains intact. Similarly, the tractor looks like it simply came off away from the trailer but the body seems to not be too severely damaged.

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According to the news reports, no one was injured in this episode, which is quite astonishing. The driver of the tractor was able to get away before the impact, while the build quality and seatbelts saved the lives of the passengers of the Mercedes. This incident highlights the importance of buying cars with higher safety ratings and wearing seatbelts at all times. The damage to the tractor was because the collision was head-on as the tractor was coming in the wrong lane from the opposite direction. More details are not available at the moment.

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We would like to advise our readers to never cross the speed limit. That continues to be the most common reason for road accidents. Even in this case, if both of them would’ve been driving under the speed limit, chances are that they would have been able to avert the crash. But since the speed was high, the drivers were not able to control their vehicles. Stay safe and follow traffic rules.

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Mercedes Hits Tractor, Breaks it into 2
Mercedes Hits Tractor, Breaks it into 2

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