WATCH Tug of War Between Yamaha R15M and Bajaj RS 200 – Surprise Winner!

Tug of war is a great way to compare the power of two bikes. However, it must be understood that it takes a toll on the bikes and you should avoid doing it.

This video captures a tug of war between a Yamaha R15M and a Bajaj Pulsar RS200. Now, we understand that going this could be damaging for the bikes. That is also the reason why the YouTuber gives out a full disclaimer that they will not be pushing the bikes all the way. As soon as one bike starts to pull the other, they will stop. Many components of the bike could be overworked and sustain permanent damage. That is why we urge all of you to not try something like this. Let us get to this tug of war.

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Yamaha R15M vs Bajaj RS200 – Tug of War

The video begins with the YouTuber trying out this competition in a dirt field. There is mud beneath the tyres. In the first attempt, the R15M had the traction control ON. Therefore, it cut the power a few seconds into the tug of war and the RS200 pulled it away. However, in the second attempt, the traction control was switched OFF. This time there was an equal pull from both sides and neither bike was able to fully pull the other. In fact, the tyres were spinning so fast that they started getting deep in the mud. That is when the riders decided to stop the race.

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Tug War R15M RS200

For the next phase, the riders decided to use the same bikes but do the test on the proper mettled road. The bikes have been tied together with a strong belt. In the first attempt on the tarmac road, after a few throttle pushes, the RS200 was able to pull the R15M indicating that it had won the tug of war. The riders then swapped the bikes to ensure that it is not because one person is heavier than the other or driving style. However, the result was still the same. The RS200 was able to outpower the R15M after a bit of an effort. This proves that the R15M was not a pushover, but the simple weight and power figures mean that it was difficult to beat the RS200. Let us know how did you like this tug of war between the R15M and RS200.

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