Volkswagen Small Car VW Fox / Ebisa Launch In India By 2011


Volkswagen, German auto major is impressed with the huge demand in the small car segment in India with the launch of its small hatchback Volkswagen Polo in India. There is a ever bigger demand for cars smaller than the Volkswagen Polo, the cars which lie in the segment of up to Rs. 3.5 Lakhs. The segment which is currently occupied majorly by Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, Hyundai, Chevrolet etc. To tap the opportunity hidden in this segment,  Volkswagen will launch its small car, either Volkswagen Fox or Volkswagen Ebisa In India.


Volkswagen is already working on the same and will launch the small car by 2011. The car maybe based on Volkswagen Fox, which is currently available in Brazil or Volkswagen Ebisa which is currently sold in Spain.

Kurt Rippholz in an interaction with media quoted –

“Believe me, we will have something smaller than the Polo. We are working on it. There’s the Fox in Brazil and Ibiza that’s sold in Spain. But India is a different market. First, we have to decide which car will it be.”

This move will make the small car segment in India even more competitive and full of choices for the consumers. With more global brands joining in this segment, the quality of these cars has also witnessed a significant improvement.

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  1. vw, try to understand the typical indian mentality of driving. even though the hatch backs are gaining importanace, we are expecting a much more powered engine in the vehicle polo.the expexted bhp is around more than 90 bhp. because swift introduced with 94 people must incorporate 1.6 ltr 102 bhp or with k series engines.please we are eager with that. this is because the %of the young generation in india is high they need more muscles(bhps and torque) to make ourselves satisfied.and the indians are mostly family driven,.so the fox or ebisa will not survive. we young gen sware. we are expecting good engines from vw. the bhps start from 75 i this segment. keep this in mind. good luck.

  2. @vishnu kumar s
    I agree to some extent with you but not completely. There is still a large segment of buyers who do not belong to the power-demanding group, rather they are looking for more fuel efficient and small cars for easy city commuting. So the Fox/Ebisa may actually be quite appealing to that segment of buyers.


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