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Future Volkswagen MQB Platform Unveiled– All VW Cars To Be Built On This Platform

Generally we talk about new cars or new variants getting unveiled but today we will talk about the next generation platform for future Volkswagen cars. Volkswagen, one of the biggest automobile manufacturer, yesterday unveiled an all new platform named as MQB which will be adopted probably in all the models being sold globally.

This platform is really interesting and the future models of most of its current models including Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Polo, Volkswagen Vento, Volkswagen Jetta, Volkswagen Passat etc., will be built on the same.

Image – Volkswagen MQB Platform

The MQB stands for Modular Transverse Matrix and is extremely important for the brand. In fact it is so important that VW calls it “the backbone of light and safe cars”. Developing a platform isn’t an achievement but creating a flexible platform is. MQB platform is so flexible that it can be stretched or shortened to fit any of the existing model i.e it can be shortened to fit a hatchback like Golf and can be elongated to fit a sedan like Passat.

Image – Volkswagen MQB Platform

Another big advantage of the platform is that it has a uniform position for all types of motors and transmissions. Be it a diesel engine, electric motor, plug in hybrid configuration or gas engines, all can be fit uniformly making it even more acceptable. Eventually this uniformity in motor and transmission positioning brings unmatched efficiency as well.

The estimated number of cars to come with this new platform is 3.5 million including small cars and mid sized sedans and to make the project a success VW will spend billions of dollars. Upgrading its plants to MQB platform will incur a lot of cost but at the same time it will lower the cost of production by 20 % and decrease the assembly times by an impressive 30 %.

Also now the company will be able to manufacture Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat and Audi models, all on the same line thus gaining enormous economies of scale. In the coming years as many as 40 models will use this platform and will help the brand gain more and more profits.

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