Here’s How to Easily Check Your Car Tires’ Health

This article deals with what the condition of the tread of your car’s tyre can tell you. One always looks at the tread of the tyre to determine whether it is time to change the tyres or not. Well, that is just one part of the information that could be deduced from the observation. On close inspection, one can get to know a lot more things. Tyres are extremely important as they are the only components that separate you and the road. Many people often ignore the relevance of good tyres. However, the tyres can directly influence your fuel economy, braking distance, traction, handling and ride quality. Along with that, the pattern in which your tyre wears out determines the condition of the tyre and your driving habits. Let us try to explain to you how to read the signs your car’s tyres are giving you.

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What Condition Tyre Tread

What Condition Of Tyre Tread Tells You?

This image addresses various conditions you might find your tyre in. Starting with the first case, if you see an uneven crossed wear pattern on the tyres, there might be a suspension issue. The problem in your car’s suspension is causing the tyre to wear out from anywhere. The second case is quite clear as well. If the tread is getting damaged from the edges, it suggests that there might be insufficient pressure in the tyres. If the tyre is properly inflated, the edges of the tyres won’t make contact with the road and won’t get worn out easily. The opposite is true as well. If the tyres have too much pressure in them, the centre part of the tyre will get worn out quickly. The ideal tyre pressure for all four tyres is already mentioned by the carmaker and could be found at the door panels and user’s manual.

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What also might seem a bit bizarre is the random spots of wear anywhere on the tyre surface. This is a common symptom of a balancing issue. If proper wheel balancing is not done, such spots could start appearing on the tyres. Similarly, if only one side or edge of the tyre is worn out, then the wheel alignment is out. It is recommended that one should get the wheel alignment and balancing done at regular intervals. This is especially true if you are going on a long trip to the mountains. The alignment goes out easily if you take a corner in a bit of a spirited manner. It is recommended to get the balancing and alignment done before and after such a long trip. These are the common indicators of the condition of tyre tread and what you should do if you encounter these.

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