What Is A Radio Taxi ? How Do Radio Taxis Operate ?


Delhi, the capital of India is a city with fast expanding economy and population. Unlike Mumbai, which is city with a strong local train network and lots of Taxis on the road, Delhi relies on the Metro railway (which is expanding fast), buses and Auto Rickshaws for day-to-day commuting needs. With metro rail getting in more areas, its getting easier to commute in city, but there are many paces which are not so well connected. People who want to commute comfortably and conveniently would like to avoid local bus service as its usually crowded, non-air-conditioned and uncomfortable when compared to a Metro rail.

Radio Taxi Business Flourishing In Delhi And NCR

Moreover, with the NCR regions not having a comfortable public transport system, the Taxi / cabs are the much preferred solution. Although they can be bit pricey for day to day needs, but they still are preferred over other modes of public transport to the paces where Metro does not go etc. Also with the increase of multi-national companies setting up their facilities in NCR region like Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad etc., the demand of these taxis is even higher.

Radio Taxis are an excellent example of a connected service which is optimized to serve the customers as and when needed and in a comfortable way. These cabs are usually operated by a corporation running them as a manages service. There are few such corporations operating in Delhi NCR region. A customer needs to call their Service Centers, all the taxis are connected to the central call center where customer requests for a Taxi. All taxis have a GPS unit fitted with it which tells where the taxi is present right now, also there is a central information system which can tell which taxi is available to serve the customer. The call center will contact the available taxi nearest to customer’s location and send them to serve the customer for his commuting needs.

There Taxis are usually equipped with air-conditioning and are comfortable way to reach the destination. They charge the customer on the basis of the distance of commuting and its a viable business in metropolitan cities like Delhi. Many corporations are running thousands of cabs and providing satisfactory services. So next time you need a Taxi, just dial a cab from your city’s Radio Taxi service.

Radio Taxi Services In Delhi / NCR

1. Easy Cab – +91-11-43 43 43 43

2. Meru – +91-11-44 22 44 22

3. Quick Cabs – +91-11-45 333 333

Note : We have no association with these services and we do not provide any such service. This article is just for information purpose. We are not responsible for their service in any way.

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  1. I live in south Delhi. I want to get a Delhi number Radio Taxi for Services In Delhi / NCR for business purpose through Easy Cab or Meru or Quick Cabs. What is the procedure? Please step by step.


  2. Hi,i want a inova cab on 13feb 22 feb for family tour from delhi to agra jaipur ratnambore and udaipur,pls help me to book a good trip from you
    Thank you


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