Yezdi Roadster City Mileage Test Captured In A Video

Irrespective of which bike a person desires in our market, mileage continues to be a critical parameter that influences the buying decision for almost everyone.

This video by the famous YouTuber showcases the real-world city mileage of the Yezdi Roadster. Yezdi has made its great return to the Indian automobile market after many years with modern products while carrying the heritage DNA in its veins. People in love with retro-styled bikes with a proven performance record are the prime customers of the Yezdi motorcycles. But how well does it perform on the mileage front, let us find out?

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Yezdi Roadster City Mileage

The YouTuber starts the video by showing the viewers that the fuel tank of his Yezdi Roadster is completely empty. This is proven by the visual inspection, as well as, by the fact that the bike refuses to start. As planned, his friend hands him over a half-litre bottle of petrol which he injects into the fuel tank. With 500 ml of fuel, the YouTuber takes on the journey of his city. During the entire trip, the biker was not able to deploy 5th or 6th gear due to heavy traffic and congested roads. He rode in start/stop traffic with hardly any stretches to drive the bike freely. But this is the general scenario in which most people ride their bikes. Hence, it is a perfect simulator for mimicking the everyday use of the bike.

The mileage test comes to an end only when the bike couldn’t be driven anymore and it stalls in the middle of the road. Parking the bike on the side of the road, the YouTuber takes the reading of the distance travelled with just 500 ml petrol. Note that before the start of the test, he had set the trip metre to 0. Now, the metre reads 12.6 km which makes the mileage to be around 25.2 km/l in the city. This is not bad mileage considering that the bike is geared more towards power and performance along with the fact that this was in complete city conditions with frequent start/stop scenarios.

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yezdi roadster 1 litre mileage test
Yezdi Roadster 1 litre mileage test


Available in three variants, (Roadster, Scrambler & Adventure) the Yezdi motorcycle is powered by a 334cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC engine (paired with a six-speed constant-mesh gearbox) that offers a maximum power of 30 bhp and 29 Nm of torque. The range of Yezdi motorcycles starts at Rs 1.98 lakh and goes all the way up to Rs 2.18 lakh, ex-showroom.

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