YouTuber Drops a Tractor on a Maruti WagonR in a Bizarre Test [VIDEO]

Car News » YouTuber Drops a Tractor on a Maruti WagonR in a Bizarre Test [VIDEO]

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With the target of getting views and engagement on social media, YouTubers go to extreme lengths and this video shows exactly that.

A YouTuber drops a massive tractor on a Maruti WagonR in this video. While this may seem bizarre to a whole lot of people, it is something quite regular for Crazy XYZ. He is one of India’s biggest YouTubers with over 24 million subscribers. He keeps conducting unique experiments mostly with cars and bikes. Basically, he asks his subscribers for crazy ideas and then figures a way out to do that while making it entertaining at the same time. Let us check out the details of this latest incident.

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YouTuber Drops Tractor on WagonR

The YouTuber brings a WagonR which he used for another experiment earlier. As a result, the hatchback is cut in half. There is nothing beyond the front seats of the car. In addition to that, he brings an old tractor that is still in working condition. The plan is to hang the tractor 40 ft above the ground using a crane and then drop it on the WagonR. What the team wants to achieve by doing this apart from entertainment is beyond us.

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In the first attempt, the crane tries to lift the heavy tractor off the ground. However, the rope used to lift up the tractor breaks. The team, then, brings a solid iron chain and ties it onto the tractor. It provides the necessary strength to take the weight of the tractor. Finally, the crane is able to hang the tractor over 40 ft in the air just above the WagonR. As soon as he releases the tractor, it wedges itself into the parked car below. Needless to say, the body of the WagonR was reduced to dust.

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The blue colour of the tractor has been imprinted on the body of the WagonR. The team decided to repeat the process with the rear end of the tractor hitting the vehicle this time. In the final attempt, the WagonR has become a lump of metal. The condition of the tractor is also quite horrific. We must urge our readers NOT to imitate such activities due to health and safety hazards. Nevertheless, share your opinions about this.

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YouTuber Drops Tractor on Maruti WagonR
YouTuber Drops Tractor on Maruti WagonR

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