Zac Hollis Thanks India For His Amazing Stint at Skoda India

Zac Hollis, Brand Director, Sales and Marketing, Skoda India welcomes Petr Solc as he moves on from his current role

Renowned Skoda Auto India executive Zac Hollis has announced the end of his term. He has been succeeded by Petr Solc, a seasoned executive, and will be transferred to another market to assume a new role. Zac tweeted announcing how great the support of the Indian customers and dealerships has been and introduced Petr to India. They pay a visit to the dealership as a mark to carry forward where Zac left. With this, we see the end of the tenure of arguably the most successful executive at the Indian subsidiary of the Czech carmaker.

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zac hollis leave skoda india
Zac Hollis has approached the end of his term as the Brand Director, Skoda Auto India, and has been replaced by Petr Solc.

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Director of Sales, Service & Marketing since September 2018

Zac Hollis was appointed as the Director of Sales, Service and Marketing, Skoda Auto in September 2018. Before this role, he was the head of sales for the Chinese market. Hollis has played a vital role in the successful implementation of the highly important India 2.0 strategy by Skoda Auto Volkswagen India Pvt Ltd. He is loved by thousands of VW Group car owners and patrons for his active involvement with many users through various social media channels.

Zac Hollis has played a vital role in Skoda India’s turnaround. With a sale tally of 6,023 units in June 2022, the local subsidiary of the VW Group’s Czech carmaker has posted its best-ever performance. Meanwhile, Peter Solc started with Skoda back in 2005 in the carmaker’s Central European department. He has been in charge of various sales managerial positions in Northern Europe. He moved to VW Group UK in 2013, where he took care of Skoda’s sales planning in supply. 2016, though, marked his return to Skoda Auto headquarters as he became the Head of Sales for Eastern Europe.

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Petr Solc Replaces Zac Hollis

Petr Solc began his stint at Skoda back in 2005 in the brand’s Central European Sales department. After holding various sales managerial positions in the Northern Europe region, he moved to Volkswagen Group UK in 2013, where he was responsible for the Skoda brand’s sales planning and supply. In 2016, he returned to Skoda Auto headquarters, where he became Head of Sales for the Eastern Europe region. He has, in fact, overlooked sales performance in many markets, including India, North Africa, New Zealand, and Australia. His last stint was that of the Head of Skoda Auto, Russia.

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It is noteworthy that the VW Group has suspended manufacturing at its Nizhny Novgorod and Klauga plants in Russia owing to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The auto giant has even announced that it has terminated contract production at one of its plants that assembled VW and Skoda vehicles with Russian carmaker Gaz.

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