Maruti Swift vs 1,00,000 Diwali Crackers – Will It Survive?

Car News » Maruti Swift vs 1,00,000 Diwali Crackers – Will It Survive?

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In the name of entertainment, there is no shortage of content on YouTube as highlighted by this video.

In this video, the YouTuber puts 1,00,000 Diwali crackers on a Maruti Swift and ignites them. The video has been created by Crazy XYZ on YouTube. The famous YouTuber keeps doing weird but interesting experiments involving cars and bikes in order to create entertaining content for the public. As a result, people love this resulting in the channel growing to over 23.8 Million subscribers. Let us check out the details of this event here.

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1,00,000 Diwali Crackers on Maruti Swift

At the beginning of the video, the YouTuber and his team buy the crackers along with a double tape to stick them all over the body. It took them around one complete day to prepare the car. To ensure that the model of the vehicle remains known, the crackers are not tied to the windshields, windows, headlamps, tyres and grille area. Apart from that, every part of the vehicle is wrapped with these red crackers. After sticking them there, the team took a ride in the vehicle in their backyard too.

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For achieving more visually appealing results, the team decided to light it up during the nighttime. Finally, they ignited the cracker on the bonnet and what followed next was quite spectacular. For a long time, the sound of the crackers bursting didn’t stop at all. In the visuals, it looks like a giant ball of fire. Nothing is visible apart from a massive light ball. After the entire event, the pieces of crackers lying on the ground looked like molten lava.

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The vehicle has been reduced to a black-coloured piece of metal. The front passenger door is stuck and the windows are completely smoked. It looks like the entire car has come out of an oven. Surprisingly, the paint at various places has experienced bubbles. This could be due to such high temperatures. Needless to say, such activities must not be attempted at home or without proper supervision. What are your thoughts on this crazy video?

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Maruti Swift with 1,00,000 Diwali Crackers
Maruti Swift with 1,00,000 Diwali Crackers

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