2 Year Old Drives Mahindra Thar into Maruti Dzire, Teaches Important Lesson

An incident involving a Mahindra Thar and a Maruti Dzire cab should serve as a good example for all the car users out there

Recently, a video by a popular Youtuber reminds us of something really important – Be over-cautious with toddlers inside your car! The said clip shows a Mahindra Thar and a Maruti Dzire involved in a small mishap. It’s hard to decipher the reason for this incident merely by looking at the CCTV footage. However, the owner of the vehicle has explained how it happened and has even left an important lesson for all the car users. Watch the video below before we explain everything there’s to know about the incident.

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The incident took place right outside the vlogger’s home. He says he had just got into his Mahindra Thar when he realized that the road has been blocked by a Maruti Dzire cab parked in the middle. With the street being quite narrow and no room to pass by the parked vehicle, he got off to inquire where the driver of the cab was. You can see him standing besides the vehicle. However, he says the biggest mistake he committed here was that he got off the car without turning it off. As per him, the vehicle was in neutral with the engine still running. To his utter surprise, the Thar suddenly started moving and picking up speed.

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Mahindra Thar Slotted in D-Mode by 2-Year-Old

In the next few seconds, you can see the vlogger struggling to open the door and get inside the vehicle to stop it. However, everything happened a bit too quickly. With hardly any distance between the SUV and the Maruti Dzire and other cars parked in the front, the vlogger couldn’t do much. The vehicle hit other cars parked ahead of it and came to a halt. By then, the vlogger could get inside and turn off his SUV. Going by this CCTV footage, it looks like it’s the fault of the Thar that it started driving even when in Neutral. There’s no slope on the road it was parked on and it would puzzle just about anyone how the off-roader picked up momentum here. However, what the vlogger tells us is something that leaves behind an important message for all the car users.

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2-year-old drives mahindra thar accident maruti dzire
A parked Mahindra Thar ‘automatically’ starts driving and hits a Maruti Dzire. But there’s more than meets the eye.

He reveals that initially, he was shocked and couldn’t comprehend how something like this happened. However, he was soon to realize his mistake. Basically, he got off the Mahindra Thar after putting it in neutral and leaving the engine running. Many of us do this simply to ensure the AC cools the cabin while we get off for a few minutes. However, in this case, there was a 2 year old baby inside the SUV, who shifted the gearknob from N to D. The rest is pretty much self explanatory. The vehicle wouldn’t have picked up speed so swift had the handbrake been engaged but one really can’t say when it comes to powerful vehicles like the Thar. Hence, it’s best to never leave vehicle controls unattended with a toddler inside.

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