2011 Hyundai Verna Revealed At The Beijing Auto Show – Specifications And Features


The Beijing Auto Show 2010 is drawing a bit of attention with really nice vehicles being launched by most of the global majors and recently Hyundai has come up in the news with the launch of 2011 Hyundai Verna which could be the next future car.

The car is the result of a 5 year extensive research including exhaustive surveys and trend studies to meet the local requirements of the Chinese market and is targeted at the China’s most important C1 segment.

2011 Hyundai Verna

Euisun Chung, Vice Chairman of Hyundai Motor said at the 2010 Beijing auto show,”Today is a really special day for us, not only because we’re launching a new car, but because it’s one of the very few times we’ve done a world-premiere outside of Korea: And we chose to do it right here in China because it’s our way of recognizing how important our Chinese customers are to us.In 2009 we posted a 94 percent Year-on-Year growth in China and have sold over 2 million cars since arriving in 2002. We are not losing any momentum, continuing to expand our lineup in China with our most stylish and advanced models like the all-new Verna and our compact SUV,”

2011 Hyundai Verna

2011 Hyundai Verna Specifications And Features


The car has been built on a completely new platform having a very eye-catchy roofline and projects the looks of a coupe along with sportiness and a futuristic design.


The 2011 Hyundai Verna is powered by an new generation MPFI Gamma Gasoline Engine(complying with China’s Step 3 fuel economy regulations) evolved to make the vehicle fuel efficient without sacrificing the performance and provides best-in-class fuel economy.

Each and every part of the engine is constructed of Aluminium to minimize weight. Technically speaking the 1.6 Litre DOHC Gamma Gasoline engine develops a maximum power of 90.4kW @ 6300 rpm and a maximum torque of155Nm @ 4200 rpm and is coupled with a 4-speed Automatic Transmission gearbox.

Making the car a bit more affordable the base model will come equipped with a 1.4L DOHC edition generating  78.7kW @ 6300 rpm and 135.4Nm @ 5000 rpm and comes with five-speed manual gearbox or four-speed automatic choice and Fuel efficiency has been estimated as 5.7l/100km for the manual & 6.2l/100km for automatic variant (1.4L with Fuel Economy Package).


The car is more stylish and stable owing to the low overall height and ‘longest-in-class’ wheelbase without having sacrificed even an inch for the passenger cabin.The cabin is in fact bigger than any of its foes and it has a 454Litre of boot-space which could accommodate atleast 4 golf bags.


The credit for the extremely stiff structure goes to the Special ultra-high tensile strength steel adopted for superior protection from crash situations. Due to the rigid structure the suspension has been fitted well and imparts better ride and handling characteristics and eliminates vibration and noises.

2011 Hyundai Verna Price

No price details have been disclosed by the company yet, so we hope to bring the details to you as soon as we obtain them.

Who would not wish to drive such a well equipped and beautiful car, but for that to happen we will have to wait for a while since the company will launch it in China presently and will later move to other regions of the world.

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  1. If it is to be launched in India .It will become Very Huge success .We are waiting for New Verna launch as early as possible .

  2. In your new verna, u have to changing the interrior & u have to made it must be look like any sport car.

  3. Definitely Hyundai will launch it in India too…..They are one of the major player of Indian auto market….Specifications And Features seems good……Interior is quite attractive tooo…..

  4. the car is very beautiful ,,,,,,,but i wonder when this car will be presented in Egypt ,,,,,cause i want to be the first buyer :-))))))))

  5. Yes it will be change the view of many intersting buyer for previous verna, i wonder too when it will be in egypt

  6. I am from india and have been using Hyundai cars for the past 6 years, initially Santro, Later Getz and now i am planning to go for Verna Transform , every time i change my car and go a new one i realize that the car is being discontinued, but this time i don’t want to do the same mistake, i understand that Verna transform is being discontinued India and 2011 Hyundai Verna is be launched in early 2011.

    Is the news true and Authentic

  7. I have used Vern aXXI and now looking for 2011 Model, Hyundai cars are beautufull in design and performane. There is mo metenance if you take care. I want AT version but in new version 2011

  8. hay thats a good car as i waiting for new verna ,pleaase send me launching date and pricecause i want to be the first buyer )))))))

  9. Hi All,

    It would be defnitely costlier than the present Verna, and almost equivalent to Volkswagen Vento Price (11+ lakhs) top model.

  10. As i got information that new hyundai verna 2011 is launching end of april,as i had got news that it trial is going near chennai.
    waiting to buy as soon as possible after launching.

  11. This is really a good car but these car is get successfull if these car’s price is not so far ……… Otherwise these new Verna get flopped . B cos interiors is same like as i20 no any change becoming in this cars interior so that is the disadvantage of this car….

  12. i purchsed verna in dec 2010….. dealer didnt tell me abt the new version …. aftr havin a look on this new verna, m regreting a lot…..

  13. i am already driving verna (deisel).i like to drive verna because of its shape & performance.i like the new version of verna.i want to replace it if my pocket allows.

  14. As i waited for new verna rb for a month,i dnt think they going to launch soon as its better to go with new sedan fiesta.

  15. This car looks really good. I’ve already booked :-).

    But is the new Verna is totally different from the old Verna?

  16. the new ford fiesta launching around mid-2011 is going to be the main competition to new hyundai verna……
    both are sporty looking cars…..
    ford having an upper hand as it is one f the most fuel efficient car in india…
    comparing both interiors….fiesta would be my choice….with voice conttol and bluetooth, tethering…and ambient lighting(only in the top model)
    Verna and fiesta will go head to head in pleasing customers….
    all the best to both.. hyundai and ford….

  17. hi thats very sweet car, i have purchess the new verna. But new verna maintenence is very cosly, to plz explain me


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