Mysteries About 2012 Ford EcoSport Crossover Resolving– More Details Emerge


2012 Ford EcoSport compact SUV or Crossover will debut in second half of 2012 in India and it is expected to debut in Brazil around the same time as well. In past couple of weeks, there has been series of scoop pictures, videos and spy shots of EcoSport testing on Indian and Brazil roads. A lot has been revealed since then, especially after some very clear un-camouflaged pictures have appeared on a Brazilian blog of For EcoSport before what seems like a crash test preparation. There are many details which have been revealed and in this article, we will share a summary of all the details so far that we have accumulated since the official global debut of the 2012 Ford EcoSport compact at Auto Expo 2012 in New Delhi India.


image – Ford EcoSport Global Unveiling In India

Key details of 2012 Ford EcoSport Crossover

  • Ford EcoSport is a global vehicles and will sell in many countries across the globe and will not be limited to India or Brazil. 2012 Ford EcoSport made its first ever global Debut from India – See detailed coverage here – Ford EcoSport 2012 Unveiled Globally From India At Auto Expo 2012
  • The production version of the new 2012 Ford EcoSport is almost same as the official debut vehicle except for minor cosmetic downgrades like the LED headlamps will be replaced by normal multi-reflector based halogen headlamps
  • Some of the exterior elements do get slight tweaks but not to a big extent, like the webs structure of the alloy wheels will vary in the production version, it may also vary across different markets depending on the customer’s taste in that region.
  • Some glossy and chrome elements from the front grille and may get replaced with less-glossy or mat finishes surface materials.
  • For will also launch high end variants with four wheel drive or all wheel drive option but it may not make it to economy markets like India and Brazil because of pricing constrains.
  • The engine options on the Ford EcoSport will include a 1.0 Litre Ford Ecoboost engine along with a 1.6 litre and 2.0 litre petrol engines which will be sold in global markets. It is not clear as of now that 1 litre EcoBoost engine will make it to India and Brazil or not.
  • The spare wheel on the tailgate will remain there and has been placed based on the customer’s input for styling of the EcoSport. Also the overall length of the EcoSport will be larger than 4 meters, approx. 4.2 meters which will keep the EcoSport crossover outside of the small car excise bracket in India.
  • There is not details of the diesel engines to be used in the EcoSport, however, there will be diesel variant(s) which may use the duratorq series of CRDI Diesel engines used in Ford Fiesta and Ford Fiesta classic. One of the interesting factor is that Ford India uses 1.5 Litre diesel engine in India which has been specifically adapted to Indian needs for fuel efficiency along with performance. We expect to see the same engine in the EcoSport.
  • Ford EcoSport will features 5 speed manual transmission option and an automatic transmission box option as well. There is no clarity on whether the automatic box will be a dual clutch PowerShift Automatic fitted in Fiesta automatic or it will be a 4 speed conventional one. It is being speculated that Ford may go for a 4 speed auto gearbox to keep the cost low.
  • There is no announcement on the pricing of the EcoSport in India. As expressed by the Ford India top management, EcoSport will cater to needs of the young aspirational buyers who want to look beyond sedans but like the comfort and compactness of a small car. As per our guess, EcoSport should be priced slightly above the Fiesta Sedan in India which will make it close to Rs. 10 Lakhs price tag ex-showroom. However, the pricing will remain a mystery until the official launch, so lets keep our fingers crossed and see what is in store with Ford EcoSport compact crossover or compact SUV.
  • The Interiors of the 2012 Ford EcoSport will be inspired by Ford B-Max MPV and Fiesta global sedan. We have already shared one of the Interiors shots of Ford EcoSport in our previous report here. Below you can see the interiors of the B-Max and Fiesta Global Sedan to get a clue of the design elements.


image – Ford Fiesta Global Sedan Interiors

Ford B-Max MPV Interiors

Ford B-Max Interiors

Source – autoblog via – ICB

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