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2013 Bentley Continental Flying Spur Revealed–Pictures and Details

Bentley has revealed the new iteration of the new 2013 Bentley Continental Flying Spur recently and the company claims that the new avatar is faster, more powerful and equally more efficient. They have even ironed out the refinement issues that were a botheration for the customers of the outgoing model. All this sounds really promising then. Bentley will be officially displayed at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in few days. The company will also be announcing the prices at the event and the model will go on sale this summer. Under the hood, the new avatar Continental Flying Spur also gets some tweaks. Now, it is powered by a 6.0 litre twin-turbocharged W12 engine that produces 616 BHP of power at 6000 RPM, a boost of 64 BHP from the outgoing model.

Bentley Continental Flying Spur (4)

Torque figure has gone up by 150 NM to 800 NM. So much power and torque would consume more fuel. So, to compensate that, Bentley has decided to plonk in a ZF sourced -speed automatic gearbox to replace with the old 6-speed auto box. Shift changes times are claimed to be under a mere 200 milliseconds! Power is sent to all the 4 wheels with a torque split of 40:60 front to rear. Top speed remains the same at 322 KMPH and Bentley claims the car can pull a 0 to 100 KMPH time of just 4.3 seconds.

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Speaking on the occasion, Bentley Chairman and Chief Executive, Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber, said; “Bentley’s new Flying Spur is the ultimate luxury performance sedan. Our engineers have worked tirelessly to ensure that the Flying Spur is the perfect combination of power, comfort, refinement and hand-crafted quality. The new Flying Spur is equipped both for business and relaxation whilst remaining a car to enjoy from behind the wheel.” The Continental Flying Spur makes extensive use of modern age lightweight materials like aluminum which makes it 50kgs lighter than the previous model. However, this has been achieved with increasing the overall body rigidity by 4% for better NVH performance. Styling has been modified both on the inside and the outside. The new model looks low slung and wider. On the inside, it gets the sun visors, grab handles, armrests and some front console and controls same as the old model.

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