Home Car News 2013 BMW X1 New Model Spied– Pictures and Details

2013 BMW X1 New Model Spied– Pictures and Details

“The new formula for joy” as quoted by BMW for its compact SUV the BMW X1, is currently undergoing rigorous road test for its new facelift version in the frozen Lapland regions of Finland. The BMW X1 which made its debut in the end of the year 2010, was a big hit among Indian Car buyers and saw many buyers for the car. The car which was aggressively priced and also tagged the ‘cheapest BMW’ was an instant hit. The car is now being offered in two engine options, the straight four petrol engine  with an average fuel efficiency of 11.25 km/l and developing 110 kW (150 BHP), the other one being the straight four diesel engine with claimed fuel efficiency of 15.24km/l.

2013 BMW X1 New Model (1)

image – 2013 BMW X1 New Model

Now things are about to take a turn since BMW has finished with the facelift version of the current X1 and is undergoing road tests. The test car which was spotted was featuring new front and rear bumpers, updated headlamps which are similar to that seen on the 2013 BMW X6. There are a few interior upgrades also featured in this car. Since there is a naturally aspirated petrol engine in the current lineup, a new turbocharged petrol engine is being expected for the 2013 BMW X1, with a standard six speed manual transmission gearbox and a eight speed automatic transmission as optional.

2013 BMW X1 New Model (3)

image – 2013 BMW X1 New Model

This move by BMW could be an answer to its main rival the Audi Q3 which is on cards for the Indian Market very soon. Audi is all set to launch the Q3 soon in Indian Market. The car which has not hit the U.S market yet due to demand in Asian and European Markets is all set to be launched soon.

2013 BMW X1 New Model (6)

image – 2013 BMW X1 New Model

Gradually, with internationally rising petrol prices and increasing awareness of people towards environment, there is a natural shift of the automakers to make more efficient and frugal cars in each segment which can offer more for less. 2013 BMW X1, Audi Q3 etc. are a few examples which we have seen on roads.

2013 BMW X1 New Model (8)

image – 2013 BMW X1 New Model

With the Indian automobile trend being upgraded, major automotive firms are gearing up for more stuff to serve to its Indian customers. The only question is how would be the reaction when this car is launched!

source and image credits – autoevolution

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