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The 2014 BMW M5 Is Coming To India

Updated on 16th November 2013

Good news folks! It is reported that BMW is thinking of launching the 2014 BMW M5 in India soon, most probably during the 2014 Indian Auto Expo. As with the current car, the 2014 M5 will be brought into the country as a completely-built unit and could cost more than the current car which retails at Rs. 1.21 crore.

News Source: Indian Autos Blog

Updated on 22nd May 2013

We’ve already showed you the refreshed BMW 5 Series family here on Car Blog India. The M5 deserved an article in itself we decided, after all it has been the great example of a sporty saloon since 1985.

The previous M5, launched in India in January last year at the Auto-Expo, had 560 BHP of power on tap thanks to a 4.4 litre twin turbo V8 petrol engine. It was faster to 100 KMPH than the previous M5 by 0.3 seconds but could only hit a top speed of 305 KMPH, 24 KMPH less than the previous one. The car was heavier than the previous generation, which led to slower top speed. It did not sound as sporty because of the turbocharged engine, and BMW had to play sporty sounds though the car’s sound system to compensate for it. These were the only shortcomings with the car, it handled better, the gearshift was better and most importantly it was hugely efficient. Recently, the M5 was left in the dust by its rivals, the Audi RS 6/RS 7 develop 560 BHP and the Mercedes Benz E63 AMG in the special ‘S’ guise develops 577 BHP. BMW had to do something, and thanks to the Competition Package on the M5, it is back in the game!

What’s new?

2014 BMW M5
2014 BMW M5

The refresh gave BMW an opportunity to address the criticism it received last year. The Competition Package, apart from increasing the power also enhances the ride characteristics of the M5 over the standard model. New paint options, alloy wheels, subtle styling changes give it a fresh look on the outside. Styling changes inside like the new steering wheel give it a sportier feel, while new standard and optional features make it more appealing.

Exterior Design

Exterior styling on the 2014 BMW M5 include a new ‘M kidney grille’, which features the model designation with slats that mimic the new 20 inch double-spoke design alloy wheels. Like the previous version xenon headlights are standard on the M5, there is now the option of Adaptive LED Headlights. The tail lamps, like the rest of the 5 Series family, also gets tweaked a little. The exhaust tips are now finished in black chrome.

2014 BMW M5 Dual Spoke Alloy Wheels
The 2014 BMW M5 gets new dual spoke design alloy wheels

As part of its BMW Individual service, the car maker is offering a range of new exterior colours for the BMW M5, including Pure Metal Silver, Pyrite Brown metallic, Frozen Blue metallic and a choice of matte paintwork finishes. These colours bring showcase the M5’s lines and contours the best, says the company. The Pure Metal Silver paint for example, takes on a deep lustre which is thanks to the combination of a special-effect pigment with a water-based paint system. Depending on the angle of view, the viewer can see the light-dark contrast and the accentuated body surfaces better.

Interior Design

2014 BMW M5 Interiors
BMW has tweaked the interior design of the M5. It gets a new steering wheel that mimics the dual spoke alloy wheels outside and the centre console cubby holes get more spacious

Inside, the steering wheel design has been changed, it mimics the double-spoke wheels that the car adorns. The interior space gains in the regular 5 Series vehicles have been carried over to the M5 too, so the cup holders and centre console spaces are now more spacious. The iDrive controller gets chrome lining, and for the first time BMW will offer a touch pad along with it. The touch pad can be used to type in characters, for tasks like sending e-mail, SMSs or to type the address into the navigation system. The leathers on the seat, doors and dashboard get exclusive shades like Cashmere Beige and Nutmeg.


The 2014 BMW M5 is driven by a 4.4-litre V8 twin-turbo engine with a peak output of 560 BHP, which is the same as the previous version. The 0-100 KMPH time hasn’t changed, which is still 4.4 seconds. But, in combination with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, the Active M Differential at the rear axle and race-tuned suspension technology BMW promises that the new M5 delivers a more engaging driving experience than before.

2014 BMW M5
The regular M5 does not get any engine enhancements, handling is better though due to various changes to the chassis and suspension components

For an added boost in performance, BMW gives the 2014 M5 a Competition Package as an optional extra. The Competition Package brings out the full potential of the M5 chassis, says the company. The output of the standard V8 engine is raised by 15BHP to 575 BHP, o-100 KMPH now takes 4.3 seconds. In addition, this package also adds new ceramic brakes to the car. BMW engineers also added new coil springs, changed the damper calibrations and anti-sway bars, these adjustments lowered the car by around 10 millimeters which in turn helps the M5 handle better.

2014 BMW M5 rear
The Competition Package adds 15 BHP to the standard V8 engine. Other changes let drivers explore the M5’s handling characteristics to the maximum


It may be a sporty saloon but the M5 is not a race car, so it gets its fair share of bells and whistles. The BMW ConnectedDrive feature gives the M5 a whole lot of connectivity options. The new Driving Assistant system has a host of safety features to keep the car in lane and also take emergency measures if needed. An Online Entertainment option lets the M5 user to access an online music database containing around 12 million tracks, and the list of features doesn’t end there.

With this update BMW has given the M5 a fighting chance against its rivals, while making it comply to the upcoming EU6 emissions rules. We’ll have to wait and see when it arrives on Indian shores.