2014 Ford Figo Next Generation Launch By 2013 End


Figo’s success in India as well as all over the world is something Ford would be proud of. But in this dynamic world where things change with a blink, the car manufacturers need to be on their toes all the time to bring out the best car possible and Ford is all set to bring out the next generation of their best selling hatchback, 2014 Ford Figo sometime later this year and since they plan on making the best use of the familiarity of the car, they plan on bringing a sedan or a compact sedan version as well of the car. The sedan or the compact sedan will replace the Fiesta Classic which is due now to get off the market as it does not manage even 1,000 units a month. The next generation of the hatchback will come from a different school of design altogether and will have that oomph factor instead of the understated elegance with which it adorns the roads as of now. The car will get a comprehensive overhaul and will have all those sharp angles and creases that the competition has. 2014 Ford Figo New Model India It will borrow design cues from the new Fusion and the tail lamp cluster will be boomerang shaped. The interiors will get a big refresh too and will be generations ahead of the current generation interiors. Even though the car comes with loaded interiors, addition of new features would surely raise the bar. India will surely be amongst the first wave of countries to get the car as the car is immensely popular in India. And the sedan version too will definitely hit the roads as soon as its launched globally. The engine options are expected to remain the same as the current generation with the expected addition of the 1.0 litre Ford EcoBoost engine which gives out 120 horses and will make it quite a hot hatch. Ford has made it clear that the company plans to bring 8 models to the Indian market which would start with the launch of the EcoSport and later on the next generation Figo and sedan will join the club. The company might just place it over the current generation Figo and give it the classic treatment like the Fiesta. Either ways, the customer benefits. image credits