2014 Suzuki SX4 Crossover Launched At Geneva Motor Show


The Geneva Motor Show 2013 is here and we are about to see the global car manufacturers go on a product launch spree. Suzuki Motor Corporation, the Japanese automotive company has taken the covers off its SX4 crossover’s next generation model which has been based on the S-Cross concept and from what we can see, the next gen SX4 crossover will become quite the looker and will surely manage to get the sales rolling once it gets launched.

2014 Suzuki SX4 (2)

2014 Suzuki SX4 Official Video

Suzuki first showcased the S-Cross concept at the Paris Motor Show in 2012 and now they’ve showcased the production model based on that concept. The next gen crossover will get bigger in size and the SX4 in the model represents Suzuki, Crossover and 4 wheel drive. The SX4 crossover in its current generation lacks in the styling and the space department and with the infusion of the S-Cross concept, both these drawbacks get taken care of. It will come with a 1.6 litre petrol and diesel motors which will be mated to five and six speed manual transmissions respectively.

2014 Suzuki SX4 (4)

The All wheel drive crossover will be emitting quite less CO2 emissions. The car is a mix of styling, fuel efficiency and performance personified. The car with a classic yet modern styling has been tailor made to appeal people with different preferences. The car surely makes for an attractive buy as a crossover and seeing that cars like Renault Duster are gaining a popularity in India, the SX4 crossover might just be the one that gives Suzuki a strong footing in the C segment in India.

2014 Suzuki SX4 (5)

What could be interesting to see would be if the design philosophy of the crossover is carried on to the sedan as well which is not a great seller in India. Its main drawback has been styling and borrowing a few cues from the S-Cross concept surely would not hurt. In fact, it might just be design inspiration that gives SX4 the sales momentum and establishes a dominance in the C-segment.

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