2020 Hyundai Creta Vs Kia Seltos – Price, Features, Mileage & Engine Details

2020 Hyundai Creta Vs Kia Seltos – Price / Engine Details / Gearbox Options / Mileage / Features / Safety Features / Design / Dimensions

Hyundai has launched the new 2020 Creta in India, with an aggressive starting price. The SUV gets a complete makeover with new engines, new features and fresh styling. The bookings for it commenced around 10 days ago and now, Hyundai has received more than 15,000 bookings for it.

The prime competitor for Creta is none other than the Kia Seltos. Both share the same platform, same engines and the same set of gearbox options. However, both are still very different from each other. Here are all the differences between them.

Hyundai Creta Vs Kia Seltos Price

Creta (expected)Seltos
Price (ex-showroom)Rs 9.99 Lakhs to Rs 17.20 Lakhs9.69 Lakhs up to Rs 16.99 Lakhs

The prices of Seltos start off at Rs 9.69 Lakhs going up to Rs 16.99 Lakhs. As for the Creta, it is a bit costlier than the Seltos, starting off at around Rs 9.99 Lakhs. The top-end variant of Creta is priced at Rs 17.20 Lakhs, which is just Rs 2,000 costlier than the top-end of Seltos. (all prices ex-showroom).

Hyundai Creta Vs Kia Seltos Engine Specifications

Engine1.5 Litre Petrol1.5 Litre petrol
Power115 PS115 PS
Torque147 Nm144 Nm

As told earlier, Creta and Seltos will share their engines. First that we have here is the 1.5 Litre four-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine. The engine produces 115 PS on both the cars. However, the engine on Creta produces 3 Nm of torque more, at 147 Nm. Thats a very mild difference.

Engine1.5 Litre Diesel1.5 Litre diesel
Power115 PS115 PS
Torque255 Nm250 Nm

In the case of diesel, both again use the same 1.5 Litre four-cylinder CRDi diesel motor. Both of them, again, produce 115 PS of peak power. Here again, Creta produces 5 Nm of peak torque more, at 255 Nm.

Engine1.4 Litre turbo petrol1.4 Litre turbo petrol
Power140 PS140 PS
Torque247 Nm242 Nm

The turbo-petrol engine is an exciting thing to look out for in the Creta. On Seltos, the engine has already proved to be quite amazing. On both the cars, the engine produces 140 PS. However, on Creta, the engine delivers 247 Nm of peak torque, 5 Nm more.

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Hyundai Creta Vs Kia Seltos Gearbox Options

Creta1.5 Litre Petrol1.5 Litre Diesel1.4 Litre turbo-petrol
Gearbox6-speed MT / CVT6-speed MT / 6-speed AT7-speed DCT

Creta gets a 6-speed manual gearbox as standard fitment on petrol and diesel engines. The petrol engine will come with a CVT as an option and the diesel with a 6-speed torque converter AT. The turbo petrol engine only gets a 7-speed DCT.

Seltos1.5 Litre Petrol1.5 Litre Diesel1.4 Litre turbo-petrol
Gearbox6-speed MT / CVT6-speed MT / 6-speed AT6-speed MT/7-speed DCT

As for the Seltos, the gearbox options are the same. However, here, the turbo petrol motor is also offered with a 6-speed manual gearbox. For a turbo motor, DCT gearbox is a good option but the manual gearbox will further excite the driving enthusiasts.

Hyundai Creta Vs Kia Seltos Dimensions

Boot Space433 Litres433 Litres

The Creta is now a bit bigger than its earlier version. Both use the same platform and that’s why the same wheelbase of 2610mm. However, the Seltos is a bit longer, wider and taller than the Creta. Seltos is 15mm longer, 10mm wider and 10mm taller. The boot space on both is the same at 433 litres.


Hyundai Creta Vs Kia Seltos Mileage

1.5 Litre Petrol16.8 kmpl – 17 kmpl16.5 kmpl
1.5 Litre Diesel18.5 kmpl to 21.4 kmpl21 kmpl
1.4 Litre Turbo Petrol16.8 kmpl16.5 kmpl

Creta is more fuel-efficient than the Seltos, even with minor differences. The petrol engine of Creta produces around 0.5 kmpl more. The diesel Creta produces 0.4 kmpl more. And turbo petrol also gets a minor difference of 0.3 kmpl. These figures are negligible and once we get our hands on both of them, we will be able to tell the actual mileage difference.

Hyundai Creta Vs Kia Seltos Features

Creta comes with the following features:

  1. Panoramic Sunroof
  2. Digital Instrument Cluster
  3. 26cm touchscreen infotainment system with Blue Link Technology
  4. Rear Reclining Seats
  5. Touch Screen Automatic Air Purifier
  6. Traction Control Modes – Snow, Sand And Mud
  7. Paddle Shifters
  8. Electronic Parking Brake With Auto Hold
  9. Automatic Headlamps
  10. Automatic Wipers
  11. Triple LED headlamps
  12. Wireless Charger
  13. Drive Modes

Seltos, misses out on a couple of features but also offers some more:

  1. Heads Up Display
  2. LED Headlamps
  3. Automatic Headlamps
  4. Automatic Wipers
  5. 26cm touchscreen infotainment with UVO Connect
  6. Electric Sunroof
  7. Blind Spot Monitor
  8. Side Mirror Camera Monitor
  9. Wireless Charger
  10. 360-Degree Camera
  11. Electric Adjustment For Driver Seat

Hyundai Creta Vs Kia Seltos Safety Features

Creta comes with the following safety features:

  1. Rear Disc Brakes
  2. Rear Parking Sensors
  3. Parking Camera Rear
  4. Auto Dimming IRVM
  5. Six Airbags
  6. ESC, VSM and Hill Hold Control

Seltos comes with similar safety features:

  1. Rear Disc Brakes
  2. 360 Degree Camera
  3. Six Airbags
  4. Auto-Dimming IRVM
  5. ESC, VSM and Hill Assist Control
  6. Front and Rear Parking Sensors