2020 Hyundai i20 Vs Hyundai Venue – Variant Wise Price Difference

Here is the variant-wise price difference between 2020 Hyundai i20 and Hyundai Venue, both sub-4-metre cars.

New generation 2020 Hyundai i20 has been launched in India, making the entry of the third generation in our country. The prices have been announced and bookings are underway already. In terms of pricing, it comes very close to the Hyundai Venue, so here is a price difference between both the cars, as per the variant.

2020 Hyundai i20 Vs Hyundai Venue – Variant Wise Price Difference

Hyundai i20 Prices

New i20MagnaSportzAstaAsta (O)
1.2 Litre MT6.79 Lakhs7.59 Lakhs8.69 Lakhs9.19 Lakhs
1.2 Litre IVT8.59 Lakhs9.69 Lakhs
1.0 Litre DCT10.66 Lakhs11.17 Lakhs
1.0 LItre iMT8.79 Lakhs9.89 Lakhs
1.5 Litre Diesel MT8.19 Lakhs8.99 Lakhs10.59 Lakhs

Hyundai Venue Prices

VenuePetrolDieselTurbo Petrol
E MT6.70 Lakhs8.09 Lakhs
S MT7.40 Lakhs9.01 Lakhs8.46 Lakhs
S+ MT8.39 Lakhs
S DCT9.60 Lakhs
SX MT9.99 Lakhs9.79 Lakhs
SX iMT10 Lakhs
SX MT DT10.24 Lakhs9.94 Lakhs
SX iMT DT10.27 Lakhs
SX(O) MT11.39 Lakhs10.85 Lakhs
SX(O) MT DT11.49 Lakhs10.94 Lakhs
SX (O) iMT11.15 Lakhs
SX+ DCT11.35 Lakhs
SX+ DCT DT11.50 Lakhs


As you can see, both of them have a similar starting price. Their base variants are priced very closely, that of i20 asking Rs 9,000 more than the Venue. The same goes for diesel and petrol base variants, Venue demanding a small amount lower than the i20. If noted, the i20 gets petrol-CVT and turbo-iMT which are not found on the Venue.

If you are planning for the automatic variants, 2020 Hyundai i20 becomes the clear winner. Its cheapest automatic variant is priced from Rs 8.59 Lakhs, whereas that of Venue comes in at Rs 9.60 Lakhs. Since they share the same 1.0 Litre turbo motor and the DCT gearbox, Venue here is available at a cheaper price than the i20.

The top-end variant is definitely costlier with Hyundai Venue since it is an SUV. Hyundai i20 top-end diesel variant is priced nearly a Lakh cheaper than that of Venue. Their top-end turbo-DCT variant is not that widely priced, both having just a difference of around Rs 35,000. Lastly, even the difference between the iMT variants of both the cars is just around Rs 10,000.