40% Of Kia Sonet Buyers Opting For Diesel; Nearly Half Of Them For Automatic

Latest reports conclude that nearly half of the Kia Sonet buyers till date are preferring automatic gearbox over the manual stick.

Bookings for Kia Sonet have crossed the 50,000 mark and the sales report also show a positive growth. Around 10,000 to 12,000 units are sold every month making it one of the hottest selling cars. Latest report from the manufacturer shows that among all the three engine options offered, diesel and petrol have the majority share.


While the turbo petrol variants contribute only to the 20% of sales, 40% each is taken up by petrol and diesel variants. In the time when manufacturers are shying away from diesel engine, we can see the same number of buyers going for diesel and petrol variants of Sonet. In the case of Seltos, more people have preferred diesel engines.

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Also, about 46% of buyers opted for the automatic transmission variants. The majority 54% is still taken up by manual variants, but still the difference is very less. Thanks to three automatic gearbox options, Kia has managed to report good sales for the auto variants. Only the 1.2 Litre petrol engine does not an automatic transmission.

Nearly 20% of the total sales went to the iMT variants, which seems to be working for both Hyundai and Kia. The concept is new and for those who find an automatic boring but comfortable, iMT gearbox is the right choice for them. It comes paired with the 1.0 Litre three-cylinder turbo-petrol motor that produces 120 PS and 175 Nm of torque. The 7-DCT gearbox also comes with this engine.

Other two options include a 83 PS producing 1.2 Litre four-cylinder petrol motor and a 1.5 Litre turbo-diesel engine that comes in two state of tuning. For manual variants, the diesel engine produces 100 PS and 240 Nm, but for the AT variants, it produces 115 PS and 250 Nm. Prices start at Rs 6.71 Lakhs going up to Rs 13.99 Lakhs (ex-showroom).