400cc Diesel Bajaj Chetak Scooter Offers 80 Kmpl

India is called the land of ‘Jugaad’ and this video proves why. We bet you would not have heard about a scooter with a diesel engine.

This is India’s first-ever Bajaj Chetak scooter that is powered by a diesel engine, at least on the internet. Indians are renowned for creating innovative solutions to tackle everyday problems or expressing their unique talent. In this case, it is a passion project for the owner of the scooter. The scooter is a 1996 model that belongs to the parents of the YouTuber. He has restored it and installed a diesel engine on it. Check out all the details of this unique customized scooter.

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Bajaj Chetak Diesel Scooter

This ‘Jugaad’ has been performed by Sahib who is into aftermarket modifications. In fact, he lists out the projects that he is currently working on. For this particular project, he took a 400-cc diesel engine from his dad’s factory where it is used in lawn mowers. This engine is not compact which is why he had to install it at the front. He shows that there is a 5 mm thick metallic plate which serves as the frame and foundation, and rubber mounts on which the brackets are installed. These hold the engine in its place. In addition to that, the fuel tank has also been externally mounted on the other side.

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The sprocket and belt and pulley drive system are clearly visible which have been designed by the owner himself. He mentions that due to the additional weight, the suspension of the scooter was causing the belt to loosen up affecting the chain. Hence, he had installed 3 adjusters that are also seen on cars. The big engine has covered up the position of the foot brake which the owner shifted to the side along with a footrest. Therefore, all the precautions have been taken and the necessary arrangements have been made to install the diesel engine.

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Bajaj Chetak With Diesel Engine
Bajaj Chetak With Diesel Engine

Talking about the cost, the engine itself costs Rs 35,000. The other installations like crankshaft arrangement and crank system etc cost Rs 10,000. However, he had the scooter originally and the engine and its components came from his Dad’s factory reducing the cost significantly. Finally, the mileage that this scooter offers is 80 km/l. The total output of the engine is 16 hp and the top speed is 65-70 km/h. The owner clarifies that it is not road-legal and has been developed for exhibitions.

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